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Project Horse
What is a “Project” Horse?
Many owners list their horse as a "project horse" when they are looking through classified ads. These horses are often cheaper, which can be appealing to buyers with limited budgets. You aren't…
Tifton 85
Tifton 85 is a Great Grass Hay Alternative
Tifton Hay is part of the Bermuda grass family, along with other common grasses hays. It has many advantages over Alicia hay and Coastal hay. I'll try to explain the benefits of…
Neem Oil for Horses
Benefits of Neem Oil for Horses
You will be able to care for horses if you have been given the task. Horses can easily become irritated by external forces or elements like bacteria, parasites and flying pests.…
Dandruff and Hair Loss
Dandruff and Hair Loss
It's the time of year when we enjoy the last days before the cold days of autumn. The humidity in the fall season is high, which can cause your horse to…
Smartest Horse Breeds
What Are the Smartest Horse Breeds in the World?
Although all horses are intelligent, some breeds are more intelligent than others. Horses are intelligent and curious animals. They're eager to discover new things and learn new tricks. Horses are curious…
Music for your Horse
Music for your Horse
Find out how music can help his well-being. Horses are one of nature's most important musicians. Horses are seen as partners in dance choreography between species and performing dressage moves. We ride…
Osteopathy for horses
Osteopathy can be used to treat lameness in horses as well as behavioral problems. Although Osteopathy has existed for over 100 years, it is still a relatively new field. Surprisingly,…
Color Therapy
Healing Your Horse with Color Therapy
We expose our horses to many colors in our daily activities with them. Each horse has its own frequency, energy vibration, and healing properties. A horse's well-being and health can be affected…
SIJC Injury
SIJC Injury or Hunter’s Bump
This is a complementary approach to SIJC or hunter's bump injuries. Hunter's bumpis a common term used in the barn. It is the subluxation or deterioration of one or both of…
Herbal Deworming For Horses
Safe, effective herbal deworming for horses
An overview of the life cycle parasitic worms, and why herbal deworming techniques are worth considering. To eliminate the need to use chemical wormers, knowledge is key. These products are toxic…
Clay Poultices
Clay poultices have many uses for horses
Clay poultices can be used to treat a wide range of horse ailments. Find out how you can customize these therapeutic fusions with natural ingredients to meet your horse's specific needs.…
CBD For Horses
What you need to know about CBD for horses
With big CBD displays at every grocery store, pharmacy, and feed shop, the CBD craze has taken over. What does all this mean for you, your horse and yourself? It doesn't matter…
Horse Shampoo For Human
The Best Horse Shampoo For Human Hair Growth
You might have tried shampooing your hair with the horse's shampoo. There's a horse shampoo that can help you if you have dry hair or split ends. This shampoo was originally designed…
Yearling Horse
How to Care for a Yearling Horse
Enjoy the time with your young horse Horses that are yearlings can be between one and two years old. Horses can grow rapidly in the first two year of their lives…
Horse Rider
What is a horse rider called?
Equine Talk Translated Each hobby has its own terminology, but horse sports have more than their fair amount. Many novices describe their first foray into horses as an attempt to learn another…
Waterproof Horse Blankets
How to Waterproof Horse Blankets
Q. How can I waterproof my horse’s blankets? A : "No blanket is waterproof forever," Susan Barron, Canadian supplier to Bucas Ltd., says. "After it has been used for a few…
Walk Trot
Walk, Trot – BUCK!
Recently, I was able to help a friend who had problems getting her mare from trot to canter. It was frightening to move from trot into canter. The mare might panic,…
Western Pleasure
The Basics of Showing in Western Pleasure
Most breed and open-circuit horse shows include Western pleasure classes. Pleasure classes are a popular choice for horse owners who want to have more fun riding their horses. New exhibitors often feel…
Riding Horses After Sixty
Riding Horses After Sixty
Canadian riders are often throwing their legs over horses when they are older than others. From 2015 to 2018, 19% of Alberta Equestrian Federation members had reached 56 years old. About 19%…
Welsh Pony & Cob
The Welsh Pony & Cob
A pony made from the rugged hills and valleys in Wales is strong, reliable, and beautiful. The Welsh Mountain Pony, a descendant of prehistoric Celtic ponies has been in existence in…
Cavalletti Exercises
9 Best Cavalletti Exercises
Each horse's gaits offer a unique tool for conditioning performance. If used properly, they can achieve results that are hard to believe. To achieve strength and looseness, it is best for…
Norwegian Fjord
The Norwegian Fjord: A Horse for All Ages
Your eyes should look like the mountains lakes at midsummer night, bright and big. Boldly bearing the neck, like a mountain boy on his way to his lover. Withers that are as…
Are Horses Smarter than Cows
Are Horses Smarter than Cows? Let’s Compare
The question of "are horses smarter that cows?" is subjective. However, I believe we can have a discussion about this topic without offending any bovine or horse community. Are horses smarter than…
Worms In Horses
How to control worms in horses
What are the effects of worms on horses? How can I control worms in horses? When should I worm my horse. How can I stop my horse from getting worms on…
Turkoman Horse
Turkoman Horse Breed Facts
Turkmene, also known as the Turkoman Horse, is an extinct breed of horse. This is an Oriental horse bred from steppers in a desert called Turkoman. Turkoman was a breeder of a…
Belgian Horse
Belgian Horse Facts
Horses with extreme height and weight are rare. The Belgian breed is an excellent example of draft horses. This article will reveal interesting facts about Belgian Horses and their temperaments. Belgian Horse…
Sorrel Horse
What Is A Sorrel Horse?
Sorrel horses are described as a chestnut-colored or reddish-colored horse with no black pigmentation. This expression is argued by horse associations, horse communities, and others who believe that horses with chestnut colors…
Can Horses Eat Broccoli
Can Horses Eat Broccoli? (Is It Good or Bad?)
Can horses eat broccoli Broccoli is often considered a superfood because of its many nutritional benefits and immune system support. Is it safe to include this green vegetable in your…
Name for a Fast Horse
What is a Good Name for a Fast Horse?
Are you looking for a name that will make a fast horse run faster? We've got you covered! We have compiled 100 ideas, split between fillies or stallions, that we…
Horses Go Into Heat
How Often Do Horses Go Into Heat?
Are your mares acting strangely suddenly? Are you unsure if your mare is in heat If you are the first horse owner, it is crucial to understand her estrus cycle.…
Acres For A Horse
How Many Acres Do You Need For A Horse?
You're thinking about keeping a horse, but you aren't sure whether you have enough land. It can be difficult to determine this, especially when there are so many factors. The size…
Horse Founder
What Is Horse Founder
It is helpful for horse owners to be familiar with the anatomy of horses so they can recognize signs of illness, pain, and discomfort. The horse's skeleton's most important area…
Horse To Bow
2 Ways To Teach A Horse To Bow
One of the best aspects of being an equine friend is getting your horse to do tricks. It is easy to get your horse started with the bow. You can also…
Medicine Hat Horse
What Is A Medicine Hat Horse?
Horses are amazing creatures. But, there's something special about medicine hat horses. They are rare and supposedly have special powers. What is a medicine-hat horse, beyond myths and mystery? Technically, a pinto…
Shire Horse Breed
Shire Horse Breed
The English Shire Horse, among all breeds of draft horses, is the most magnificent. It has a rich and varied history that has seen it adapt to changing times and remain…
Canter On A Horse
5 Easy Steps To Canter On A Horse
A horse owner should learn cantering, one of the most rewarding and rewarding riding skills. It's a graceful, rhythmic stride that displays your horse's grace and is perhaps the most enjoyable.…
Horse Years To Human Years
Horse Years To Human Years
There are many things to consider when determining the age of your horse. The aging process will be affected by factors such as the horse's size, genetics, and health. Horse lovers…
Horse’s Mane
16 Facts About A Horse’s Mane
The mane is one the most distinguishing features of a horse. Have you ever wondered why the mane looks the way it does? We will be looking at 16 facts that…
Horse Travel
How Far Can A Horse Travel In A Day?
There is no one answer for how far a horse can travel on a given day, as there are no horses that are exactly the same. You should first know that…
Competitive Success With Kissing Spines
Competitive Success with Kissing Spines
This disorder does not have to end your horse's performance career. You don't often think of "four-star event horse" when you think about spinal problems and skeletal disorders. But Meg…
Horses Eat Bread
Can Horses Eat Bread?
It's normal to be concerned about feeding your horse friends certain foods, as their digestive system can be fragile. If you don't have the right skills to care for your horse,…
horse eating your barn
Is your horse eating your barn?
Are your horses eating your barn, your stalls and fences? This can cause serious damage to your property and could also pose a health risk for your horse. Wood chewing is…
Equine Circulatory System
The Equine Circulatory System
Horses are one of the greatest natural athletes in the world. The horse's natural ability to exercise is due to its specialized circulatory system. This system can also accommodate large oxygen…
Healthy Horse Barn
Creating a Healthy Horse Barn
A properly designed barn will ensure the safety and health of all horses, from foal to senior. It will also allow each horse to perform to its best. A good barn…
Companions for Your Horse
The Top 5 Non-human Companions for Your Horse
Horses are social animals. Your horse will have an ever-growing group of companion horses and would never be alone in a perfect world. Horses can sometimes be left alone in the real…
Horse Conformation
Horse Conformation – Head, Neck and Shoulders
Horses' ability to flex and recover from injuries is determined by their head-neck-shoulder connection. They also play an important role in their agility and athleticism. To counteract the actions of his…
Triticale Hay
Triticale Hay for Your Horse
Horses are fed hays made from a variety of grasses and mixed grasses. They also get legume hays like clover and alfalfa. Horse owners can choose to feed their horses less…
Teff Hay
Teff Hay for Horses
Teff, a warm-season perennial grass, is being grown in North America by both livestock producers and commercial hay producers looking for a high-yielding, fast-growing crop that can be harvested quickly.…
Piebald Horse
What Is A Piebald Horse?
Piebald horses are horses with black patches on their white coats. You can also have a black coat with white patches. You can have different combinations of black and white colors.  Origin…
Oldest Breed Of Horse
What Is The Oldest Breed Of Horse? (Complete Guide)
When someone asks "What is the oldest horse breed?" many names are mentioned. However, there is general agreement that the oldest identifiable horse or pony breeds are the Icelandic and Norwegian Fjord horse…
Horse’s Pacing
Stop Your Horse’s Pacing
Ground-pole work is necessary to teach your horse how to gait. Even experienced pacers may find it difficult to pace over ground posts. Instead, they will perform a four-beat, well-balanced…
Tail Chewer
How to Stop a Tail Chewer
Are you a tail-chewer in your horse herd. These are two remedies to stop the tail chewer from getting into your horse's head. What if your horse chews his tails and…
Riding With a Hackamore
Following the snaffle bit, the hackamore plays an important role in traditional reined cow horse training. No matter what discipline, you can include a hackamore in your training program. Hackamore lets…
Runaway Horse
3 Things to Know: Runaway Horse!
Horses that are out of control can be a problem. Three key concepts will be highlighted here. 1.) How to stop a horse learning to bolt. 2.) How to dissuade a horse from running away. 3.) 3.)…
Bot-Fly Damage
Guard Against Bot-Fly Damage
To prevent bot-fly damage, take action to get rid of any eggs remaining on your horse's hair coat. Bot fly can cause serious health problems for horses if it lays…
Horse's Vital Signs
Check Your Horse’s Vital Signs
Here's an easy clip that will help you assess the basic health of your horse. To assess your horse's overall health, take a look at his vital signs while he…
Riding Fears
Face Your Riding Fears
This self-help program of a sports psychologist will help you get rid of your riding fears. Is your romantic bubble about the joy of riding your horse or pursuing a…
Manure Piles
How to Control Horse Manure Piles
There are many manure management options available that can help you reduce the unsightly horse manure pile in your barnyard. Manure is a natural part of owning a horse. An average…
Pony with Confidence
How to Pony with Confidence
Julie Goodnight, a clinician, will show you how to mount a second horse while you are on the trail. Ponying simply means to ride a horse with the horse you are…
Horses Come to the Americas
How Did Horses Come to the Americas?
Scroll down to answer our Just-for Fun trivia question. TRUE or FALSE: The horses of the Spanish explorers were the first to set foot on North American continent. T / F…
Cued in With a Cavesson
Cued in With a Cavesson
This headgear will help you improve your horse's ability to follow your cues. A trained horse will respond to the bit with his mouth shut. A cavesson can be used to…
Curb Strap Fit
Curb Strap Fit
The curb strap can be used in conjunction with the horse's bit. This is how you can make sure that it's properly adjusted. A curb chain or curb strap is a…
Stretching Exercises
Stretching Exercises for Your Horse
These easy horse stretches by Peter Atkins, a massage therapist, will increase your horse's under-saddle flexibility. Horse stretching exercises: Carrot stretches (neck stretching for horses). The goal is To improve…
Hock Fusion
What is Hock Fusion?
Hock fusion is a common problem in performance horses. But what can you do? Hock Fusion The treatment for osteoarthritis can be as simple as fusion of the lower joint of…
Go for Roach
Go for Roach
In just four steps, you can learn how to roach the horse's mane. As a trainer and judge, I have seen roached manes more often in the show pen. You don't…
Sire Spotlight
Sire Spotlight: One Time Pepto
One Time Pepto, a reined cow-horse and cutting horse sire, is a red-roan titan of an stallion. His offspring earnings exceed $18 million and his line of progeny has won…