Was Brooklyn Supreme the Largest Horse on the Planet?

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Brooklyn Supreme – Facts and history about the world’s biggest horse.

Brooklyn Supreme is the horse I remember most when I think of the largest horses in the world. Brooklyn Supreme was not the tallest horse in the world but his enormous size impressed me. He was a Belgian Draft with incredible strength and prowess. To top it all, he was gentle and easy to handle.

Largest Horse

It is a shame that he died so many years ago. This makes it difficult to document his life. Surprisingly, not much information is available about Brooklyn Supreme. Original images even less. This is why I created this post to honor this beautiful and unique horse. Below are some questions I hope to answer about Brooklyn Supreme, the world’s largest horse in its own time.

What was the height of Brooklyn Supreme?

Brooklyn Supreme was a tall horse. He was 19.2 hands tall, or 6 ft 6 inches. My article on the largest horse breed explains that a horse’s height can be measured at its withers. Brooklyn Supreme was indeed a magnificent horse. Brooklyn Supreme was perhaps a little intimidating, as are most large horses.

It is worth noting, however, that this horse was not the tallest anywhere in the world. However, it was the largest overall at 10 feet 2 inches (3.10m).

What was the breed of Brooklyn Supreme?

Brooklyn Supreme was a Belgian draft. This breed is well-known for its incredible pulling power. They are often found on the fields pulling carts and plows. Loggers used Belgian Drafts before the advent of motorized equipment to move heavy logs. They were powerful horses that could be used for many purposes. Because they were valued, most owners took good care and maintained them.

Brooklyn Supreme was the largest horse of a large breed, which is something you can see. With a weight 3,200 lb (1,451 kg), he was also the world’s largest horse. In its glory days, this horse may have been the most proud representation of a Belgian draft. A Belgian Draft with 19 hands or more is rare today, but a horse of such weight and impressive size is not common.

According to some reports, in order for Brooklyn Supreme to produce a single horseshoe, the farrier would need an iron bar that is 30-inches long (or a 76cm-long) and an iron bar that is 76cm long. The collar would be 40 inches wide and fit around the neck of the horse.

How long did Brooklyn Supreme last?

The giant horse was born April 12, 1928 and lived until September 6, 1948. You’ve probably read my article on the average lifespan of horses. It’s not very long for a horse to live. This is actually slightly lower than average. Horses can live between 25 and 33 years. Some horses may even live to 40 years.

We also know that horses of smaller size live longer. It makes sense, given his immense size, that he only lived for two decades.

Quality of life and the owner.

The Earle Brown farm in Minneapolis, Minnesota was the first to display this horse. He was already a Grand Champion in several state fairs, even though he was not unusually large.

Charles Grant Good, Ogden, Iowa, was his owner for most of his famed life. Charles was partnered with Ralph M. Fogleman and decided to show the horse all over the United States. People used to pay 10 cents per viewing.

Last words.

Brooklin Supreme, a remarkable horse, was in its prime. It is still considered to be the largest equine worldwide in certain parts. Although the official record for his size has yet to be established, it is clear that his incredible stature is undisputed. We know that he was the largest horse in the world at that time, and that his girth was enormous.

Farceur 7332 was a renowned Belgian draft horse, and was one of his great-grandfathers. Do you have additional information about Brooklyn Supreme? Please don’t hesitate.

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