What is a Good Name for a Fast Horse?

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Are you looking for a name that will make a fast horse run faster?

We’ve got you covered!

We have compiled 100 ideas, split between fillies or stallions, that we think are perfect for speedsters.

Let’s take a look!

Table of Contents

Fast Horses: Male Names

  1. Ajax – Greek name meaning “eagle.”
  2. Apollo after the space mission.
  3. Ares is named after the Greek Gods of War.
  4. Blaze is a fast horse.
  5. Blitz is a great name for a fast horse.
  6. Bolt is named after the fastest man on Earth
  7. Buck deer are some the fastest animals in the world!
  8. Bullet is a horse that’s incredibly fast.
  9. Chaos – The coolest name for the fastest horse in the world.
  10. Chatan Sioux name that means “hawk”
  11. Choovio – Hopi name meaning “antelope.”
  12. Colt – For a young, very fast horse.
  13. Dart – A great name for a fast horse.
  14. Dolphin — Dolphins are extremely fast!
  15. Efron – Hebrew name meaning “young stag.”
  16. Ferrari – These are some of the fastest cars on the road.
  17. Filipe is a Spanish name for a speed horse.
  18. Flare is a cool name for a fast horse.
  19. Flux for horses who don’t want to stop running!
  20. Gavin – English name that means “hawk”
  21. Gepard is the Czech term for cheetah.
  22. Gyrfalcon is named after an animal that flies at 80 MPH!
  23. Hart – This name means “deer”.
  24. Honovi – A Hopi name for a strong Deer.
  25. Kele – This name refers to a sparrowhawk.
  26. Lotus is named after one of the fastest cars.
  27. Marlin This is the fastest fish on the planet!
  28. McLaren is after fast and amazing cars.
  29. Merlin – The French word for falcon.
  30. Nitro – The fastest horse in the world!
  31. Osama Arabic name for “lion”
  32. Peregrine This is the fastest bird in the world.
  33. Rabbit is named after these cute, fast animals.
  34. Racer – This one speaks for itself.
  35. Rambo – named after Stallone’s heroic character.
  36. Riptide is named after this amazing phenomenon.
  37. Roadrunner This is one of the fastest birds around!
  38. Roo– After the funny and fast kangaroos
  39. Secretariat – One of the fastest horses ever.
  40. Shahin – African name that means “hawk”
  41. Shark is fast.
  42. Speedo – This one speaks for itself.
  43. Thor is his companion for fast speeds.
  44. Tiburon Spanish name for “shark”
  45. Titan is for horses who cannot be stopped.
  46. Trapper is a great name for a fast horse.
  47. Wildebeest – named after the fastest and largest antelopes.
  48. Zevi – Israeli name meaning “deer.”
  49. Zippy is a cute and humorous horse.
  50. Zwi – Norse name meaning “gazelle.”

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Name for a Fast Horse

Fast Horses: Female Names

  1. Arinya – Australian name for “kangaroo.”
  2. Arya is a quick fighter from Game of Thrones.
  3. Aston is one of the fastest cars on the road.
  4. Athena is named after the Greek Goddess war.
  5. Blitz – A very cute and quick horse.
  6. Bonito – This is a small, fast fish.
  7. Cha’risa – A Hopi name that is very quick.
  8. Cheetah is the fastest animal on Earth.
  9. Chuchip – Hopi name meaning “deer.”
  10. Coyote is named after the fast African wilddog.
  11. Danuta is a Polish name that means “deer”.
  12. Dorcas – Greek name meaning “gazelle.”
  13. Fanta – This is the fastest dog in the world!
  14. Fawn This is what you would call a baby deer.
  15. Filly is a great name for a young filly horse.
  16. Flash – she’s so fast!
  17. Gazelle Everyone knows that gazelles are extremely fast!
  18. Golden — after the Golden Eagle
  19. Harley is named after the motorbike brand .
  20. Hera is – After the mother of Gods.
  21. Hummingbird – These birds are extremely fast!
  22. Huntress – a huntress moves quickly!
  23. Hurricane – The cool name for a fast horse
  24. Jinx – Great name for your fastest horse
  25. Justice – badass name for a fast horse!
  26. Kanga – After the cute and fast kangaroos.
  27. Litonia – African name that means “hummingbird”
  28. Lulu – Native American name for a quick rabbit!
  29. Mite – Did you know that these mites can leap 322 inches per second?
  30. Namir is an Afghani name that means “swift”.
  31. Needletail This is one of the fastest birds you can find.
  32. Pengana – Australian name meaning “hawk.”
  33. Pigeon is a very common bird, but it’s incredibly fast.
  34. Raven – A great name for a black horse.
  35. Rebel– For a horse that can just run!
  36. Rima Arabic name for “antelope”
  37. Rocket – The fastest horse in the world!
  38. Sadira Arabic name for “ostrich”
  39. Shika – Chinese name meaning “deer.”
  40. Springbok is named after the fastest African Antlope.
  41. Sprint — maybe this is her favourite activity.
  42. Sweep is a great name for a fast horse.
  43. Swift – For an incredibly fast horse!
  44. Tesla is named after the incredible and fast cars.
  45. Usagi – Japanese name meaning “rabbit.”
  46. Vixen– For a cool, fast lady!
  47. Xena – named after the mighty princess fighter!
  48. Yan – Chinese name for a quick one!
  49. Yutu – Miwok name meaning “hunter.”
  50. Zoom — because zooming is quick!

All names sound great, right? Name Nitro, the fastest horse! Zwi is a favorite of mine as a boy. It’s very unique.

Litonia is a beautiful choice for girls. It’s perfect because I love hummingbirds.

What about you? What do you think is the best name for a fast horse, and why? SHARE THIS!

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