How to Waterproof Horse Blankets

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Q. How can I waterproof my horse’s blankets?

A : “No blanket is waterproof forever,” Susan Barron, Canadian supplier to Bucas Ltd., says. “After it has been used for a few decades, the waterproofing will begin to wear off.”

She continues, “Re-waterproof as necessary.” You will know when it is time to waterproof your horse’s back and croup.

Many water repellent sprays are available specifically for horse blankets. There are also other options.

Barron says that waterproof blankets are waterproofed with the same silicone spray product as my patio cushions. It’s inexpensive, it can be found almost anywhere and works well. Another good option is KIWI Camp Dry(r).

Before applying water repellent, make sure the blanket is clean. It is more important to wash your blanket correctly than using water repellents. This will ensure that the blanket’s waterproof coating is not damaged. Barron says that many people need to rewaterproof their blankets because they aren’t properly cleaning them.

Waterproof Horse Blankets

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The waterproofing of a blanket can be damaged by heat and harsh chemicals.

Barron advises that blankets should be washed on a gentle cycle at 40 degrees Celsius. Use a blanket wash that has been approved by the manufacturer. The protective coating can be damaged by household detergents. You should not dry your rug in the dryer, but instead hang it out to dry. These rugs will last for many years without needing to be re-waterproofed.

Do not dry clean your rugs. If you use professional blanket cleaning services, ensure that they wash and dry your blankets according to these instructions.

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