Belgian Horse Facts

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Horses with extreme height and weight are rare. The Belgian breed is an excellent example of draft horses. This article will reveal interesting facts about Belgian Horses and their temperaments.

Belgian Horse History

The Brabant, Belgium, is where the Belgian Draft Horse was born. It is one of the most powerful horse breeds. The draft horse is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. This is a popular draft horse in the United States.

Belgian Draft Horses could be descendents of destriers (war horse) from Medieval. However, there is no strong record. The Belgian Draft Horse was bred from the Flemish ” Great Horse“, which was originally bred to be a battle horse. The Brabant was the foundation stock of Belgians.

Belgians were exported to Europe from their home country. Larger draft breeds were needed by breeders for agriculture and industrial use . To promote the breed, National Horse Shows have been held in Brussels since then. The number of Belgian Horses has increased. Belgian Draft Horse is now a national treasure.

During World War II, Belgian horses were used extensively. Horses were designed to be strong and large. The horse had to be able to pull weapons and soldiers. The American Belgian Draft horse is slightly different. The horse is shorter and lighter than the average horse. This breed is used for pleasure riding and agriculture.

During wartime, the number of horses has declined. American breeders were able to keep the “right” draft horse. They eventually developed their own breed of Belgians.

Belgian Horse

In 1887, the American Association of Importers and Breeders of Belgian Draft Horses formed. It is responsible for maintaining records about Belgian Draft Horses. In 1937, it was renamed to the Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America. With the assistance of James D. Conner Jr., their founders were Nathan Meyer, Abraham Straus and Harmon Wolf. Its goal is to preserve the records of Belgian Draft Horses. To preserve the American draft horse breed.

Modern Belgian horses are versatile. A horse can be trained in many equestrian disciplines. These include halter, plowing competitions and driving. Belgian Horses make excellent companions for pleasure riding. Some of their descendants are still employed at ranches and farms.

Belgian Draft Horse Temperament

The Belgian Draft Horse is friendly. This wonderful family pet is highly sensitive. The Belgian Horse is ready to work. They are used for pulling, plowing and logging in agriculture.

Belgians are brave and they don’t easily get scared. Some Belgian Draft Horses are very demanding. This breed is cold-blooded. The Belgian is easy-to-handle which is a bonus. This horse is loved by its gentle nature and calm temperament.

Characteristics of the Belgian Horse

The Belgian Draft Horse is small in stature. The legs and body are small but strong. The back is broad and the loins are strong. The quarter mass is strong. The Belgian is medium-sized in comparison to other draft breeds. Strong and powerful, the legs are strong. The lower limbs have very little feathering.

It takes 25-30 years for a Belgian Horse to live, which is quite impressive. Similar results are for a Morgan Horse.

The junctional epidermolysis Bullosa (JEB) is the most serious health issue for Belgians. It is a inherited genetic condition that affects newborn foals. Foals suffering from the JEB can experience large skin spots. This is usually the end result of euthanasia. Scientists are working to find a cure for this disorder.

Belgian Horse Colors

Belgians are valued for their chestnut color and a tail of flaxen. Belgian Horses used to be bay. Nowadays, you will likely meet sorrel horses in the USA. This is because American breeders have spread these colors.

The Belgian Draft Horse is beloved for its beautiful white markings. These white marks are often found on the horse’s lower legs and face ( white stockings).

Belgian Horse Height

How tall is a Belgian horse? The height of a Belgian Horse is 16.2 to 17. The tallest horse is the Big Jake, a Belgian Horse. The horse is 20 inches tall without shoes. It is 2,600 lbs. Smokey Hollow Farms is where Big Jake is kept.

Belgian Horse Weight

How much does a Belgian Horse weigh on average? On average, the Belgian Horse weighs 2,000 lbsBrooklyn Supreme, another Belgian Draft horse, set the record in 1940s. It is the largest Belgian Horse to have weighed 3,200lbs.

What is the Average Cost of a Belgian Horse?

The cost of a Belgian Horse is $5,000 to 10,000 . This is the average cost for a healthy young horse. Price depends on the Belgian’s age, gender, build, training experience, and color.

Belgians make a wonderful choice for beginners. They are gentle and calm. They are easy to keep, which is a wonderful perk. The horse is well-fed and maintains its weight.

You should also consider riding equipment if you are looking for a horse to ride. It includes a horse riding helmet and breechesriding boots are also included. It is comfortable and safe thanks to the riding gear.

Belgian Horse vs Clydesdale Horse

Belgian Draft Horse vs Clydesdale Horse: Who wins? The Belgian Draft Horse is bigger than the Clydesdale Horse. The Belgian Horse is 162 to 17 hands high. Clydesdale horses are 17-18 hands tall. Clydesdales are taller than other breeds, but weigh less. Both breeds average around 2,000 pounds.

Clydesdale and Belgian horses are the most popular horse breeds . You can view the Clydesdale breed profile here.

Belgian Draft Horses: Explored

The Belgian Draft Horse can be described as a formidable draft horse. It can be used for both farming and industrial purposes. This horse is suitable for both driving and riding. Belgian horses are known for their calm, outgoing nature. They make great companions for novice riders.

You can expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 for a Belgian Draft Horse. To keep your horse healthy, you will need shelter, food, and a water supply.

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