How to Stop a Tail Chewer

Last Updated on February 28, 2022 by Allison Price

Are you a tail-chewer in your horse herd. These are two remedies to stop the tail chewer from getting into your horse’s head.

What if your horse chews his tails and causes a tail problem in your pasture? It’s easy to identify the culprit: the horse with the beautiful, long tail.

A short tail can be a happy tale. It can also have the potential to grow long and beautiful if it is discouraged by a bitter potion.

Darrell Dodds

A minimum of one month is the best time to stop a chewer. This should give him enough time to stop chewing. If you are unable to isolate the offender you can use a disgusting potion to stop him. These are the two that I recommend.

Tail Chewer

Method One

Supplies you’ll need:

Rubber or latex gloves (thinster pharmaceutical gloves offer more dexterity that kitchen gloves); ground cayenne pepper; petroleum jelly.


You will apply a mixture of petroleum jelly and hot pepper to the chewed tail hairs. The pepper causes a burning sensation in the mouth and discourages repeat consumption. Petroleum jelly acts as “glue” to keep the pepper on the hairs. Use gloves to apply the petroleum jelly. Take about two ounces of petroleum jelly and place it in your palm. Use the other hand to shake the jelly a little bit with the pepper (about two or three shakes). Use your gloved hands to mix the petroleum jelly and pepper. The mixture should be applied to the bottom of the tail. Use this mixture only on the chewed hairs. Avoid contact with skin.

Method Two

Supplies you’ll need:

Favorite concentrated mane conditioner and tail conditioner (I use Cowboy Magic Deminineralizer Conditioner Rosewater Herbal Blend.


To use this method, coat the lower portion of the chewed tail with a generous amount of concentrated mane or tail conditioner. It is gummy, gooey, and unpleasant-tasting so it can be safely discouraged from chewing. The conditioner will soften the horse’s tail and make it silky smooth when you rinse it out.

Allison Price
Allison Price

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