Fast & Flurrious: Horse Skijoring Equipment Explained

Last Updated on March 2, 2022 by Allison Price

Do you feel the need to move quickly? You need to have a few things in order to try horse skijoring.

It can be difficult to keep your horse and yourself entertained in winter when temperatures are below zero. These are the days of short life. The days are short. Is there any that can lift you up?

Skijoring is a fun way to enjoy the cold winter days with your horse and to show some Scandinavian creativity.

You will need the right equipment, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert in skijoring. This is the purpose of this article.

What is Horse Skijoring?

Skijoring, pronounced “skee-jooring”, is Scandinavian for “ski driving”.

Although the sport may take many forms, it usually involves a skier being pulled along by a horse or a team of dogs. (Officially, the sport is mainly for equestrians.

Horse Skijoring

The skier pulls behind a horse being ridden or steered by another person. It is more difficult to ski while riding a horse. Horse and rider must be comfortable with pull-reining.

is the perfect sport to replace traditional skiing and keep your horse happy in winter. It’s a fun and new way to spend time with your horse and friends.

Essential Horse Skijoring Equipment


  • Helmet Safety first! It is not a good idea to ride behind an animal capable of running at double the speed of a skier without a helmet. (Click Here to Browse Top-Rated Ski Helmets on Amazon.
  • Skis Cross-country skis are not recommended. Down-hill skis provide greater stability at high speeds. If you’re not a regular skier, don’t worry. A solid pair of skis can be purchased on Amazon (see our top picks men & women), or you can check your local resale shop for used skis.
  • Boots for skiers: Your boots will fit into your skis and lock in your gear. If you ski often, Atomic has a affordable men’s option and Rossignol has an high-end woman’s boot on Amazon.
  • Snow pants The bibbed type is recommended. This way, you won’t get snow down the pants if (or when you wipe out). Arctix created affordable, loved options for men as well as women. These are now available on Amazon.
  • Heated gloves can change your LIFE! Get heated gloves on Amazon.Gloves:Protect hands from the rope and the cold. We love the battery-heated gloves from Sun Will. They are a lifesaver in Montana’s cold winters.
  • Goggles To protect against cold air, flying ice and snow, wear goggles. They also protect against flying horse poo!
  • Winter coat:

Skijoring Tips for Beginners

  • No matter if you’re on the horse, or ski behind it, wear a helmet!
  • Before you start, double-check all equipment and tack before you start. This includes your ski rigging. Pay particular attention to knots.
  • You must make sure that your horse is not tripped up by pulling on a rope or riding behind you.
  • So you don’t have to wipe your skis as often, get comfortable on the skis first. (Less accidents = less wipe-outs.
  • Always be aware of your horse, and your partner.
  • You, your partner and your horse should only go as fast you are comfortable with.
  • Learn from others! You can attend a few events and then watch many YouTube videos to get the basics. Looking for inspiration? You can find inspiration in the World Championship video.

Rules and Regulations

There are no rules for casual skijoring. You can still enter competitions if you want to, but most organizations have a set on their websites.

Before you arrive, make sure you check to see if additional equipment is needed.

The Next Big Thing In Winter Sports

Winter can be a difficult time for most equestrians. It’s either too snowy or too cold to spend much time riding on horseback. Skijoring is a great way to stay active in the winter months, and take pleasure from all the snow.

Grab a friend and saddle up your trusted steed. Get out there!

Allison Price
Allison Price

I’m Allison, born and raised in San Diego California, the earliest memory I have with horses was at my grandfather’s farm. I used to sit at the stable as a kid and hang out with my Papa while he was training the horses. When I was invited to watch a horse riding competition, I got so fascinated with riding!