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Chlorpromazine, a tranquilizer phenothiazine1 Although Chlorpromazine can be used to treat nausea in pets and cats, the veterinarians often use it as a centrally acting antiemetic. It has also been used extensively as a calming agent for horses.

Although chlorpromazine doesn’t contain phenothiazine it is still classified as such because of its similar molecular structure. It can also be used to general sedation or for preanesthetic purposes and may sometimes be used as a sedative for cattle, sheep, goats, and swine.


Chlorpromazine, which was first used in 1950, was the prototype of the phenothiazine drug class. Chlorpromazine was first developed in France to be used as a pre-anesthesia for surgery. Patients who received it reported feeling relaxed and calm after they woke up from anesthesia. This breakthrough changed the face of human psychiatric treatment. The “chemical lobotomy” is known as chlorpromazine. It is widely considered to be one of the most important advances in human psychiatric treatment. 2


The use of psychotropic drugs ( tranquilizers and sedatives) to regulate the behavior of horses has caused some controversy in the performance horse industry. These antipsychotic drugs include acepromazine and chlorpromazine . They are used to treat mental disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder in people.

These concerns can be attributed to the illegal and/or reckless administration of these drugs in horses. The definition of proper dosage can be highly variable and horse-dependent. This is why these medicines should only ever be administered by or under the guidance of a veterinarian.

Side Effects and Dosage

Oral suspensions and solutions for horses of chlorpromazine are the best form of dosage. They can be given either by mouth (with a needle) or mixed with food. They are usually available in concentrations of 10 mg/ml up to 200 mg/ml.

Chlorpromazine’s main side effect is its rigidity in certain muscles. This rigidity can be accompanied with a characteristic tremor in the affected limbs. Dr. Tobin cites a N.N. study in Drugs & the Performance Horse. Booth’s “Psychotrophic drugs and veterinary medicine” described the effects of chlorpromazine on horses.

Booth states that “after a few moments of initial sedation after administration of the drug,” the animal can become unsteady and sink backwards on its hocks. The animal might also be unable to coordinate their movements. Although the horse might stumble and fall, it will then stand upright if they continue to lunge and rearrange. This response is said to alternate with periods of sedation.” 3

Tobin stated, however, that “[T]he benefit with a short-acting medicine [such as chlorpromazine]is that if the response isn’t satisfactory, you can just wait.” Either you try a different dose or you don’t.

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3Barrel Horse News

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