Does your horse need earplugs? Maybe?

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  • Horses that are sensitive to sound may consider earplugs or pom-poms. These tiny balls of foam or fluff act to reduce noise so your horse isn’t distracted or scared by it.

Earplugs are a topic of much debate, as with all things horse.

  • Earplugs are a common practice in some disciplines, such as hunters. Others disciplines, such as dressage, prohibit the use of earplugs within the show ring. They are used by most people at home and shows as a safety and training aid.
  • You should use earplugs to help your horse with sound sensitivity. Earplugs are not a crutch. They should be an aid. Earplugs should not be used in place of desensitization training, or any other training.
  • Earplugs can be used during a clipping session to prevent ear hairs falling into your horse’s ears and reduce his reaction to the noise.

First, let’s talk about the logistics involved in using earplugs on horse ears.

  • Earplugs can be described as a soft, fluffy ball about the same size as a pom pom. They are placed inside the ear to muffle sound.
  • Some brands claim that earplugs can still make you hear, but your ability to make startling and frightening sounds is diminished.
  • Others use foamy balls like a cat’s toy. They might be painted brown or black to hide the cat’s color.

You could also put the earplugs inside.

  • Some horses are not interested in having their work done. It is important to take your horse slowly and reward them often.
  • Your goal for the ear-shy horses is not to insert them. Your mission may be to reach within one foot of the horse’s ears.
  • Acceptance can be achieved by baby steps. Positive reinforcement and patience are the only things that will help you. Learn more about this topic.
  • You shouldn’t force them in.
  • Some horses may be fine with the earplugs being in their ears, but others might not. Horses can shake their heads and may even try to get over it.
Horse Need Earplugs

Another option. Extra padding can be added to fly bonnets to muffle sound.

For horses with sensitive ears, you have the option to provide a fly bonnet that muffles sounds.

  • Many horses appreciate this bonus – both bug control and scary sound control.
  • You will need to verify with the governing body of your discipline if you intend to show your horse. It is possible that you will find that noise-reducing earbonnets and pom-pom-like earplugs are illegal. It’s not hard to see the difference.

They are available in many sizes. They come in many colors.

In any case, you should decide what is best for your horse and yourself. It is possible to find that you need insurance for days when neighbors are cutting, mowing, and rustling trees. However, you can opt out of earplugs for quieter days.

These are noise-dampening balls, puffs, and bonnets. Amazon Associates allows me to earn from qualifying orders, at no extra cost to you. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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