Low sugar, low starch horse treats!

Last Updated on March 11, 2022 by Allison Price

What are the best treats for horses with Insulin Resistance or Cushing’s? It is possible to purchase a low-sugar horse treat or make your own. Or you can use hay in a different way.

Here are some facts about horse treats.

  • Although I love giving treats to my horse after a ride I also know that it is more for me than the horse. It is a part of my horse’s daily diet that I give him treats, and not a treat. If you feed treats every day, it is important to think about what you are feeding your dog.
Low Starch Horse Treats
  • Also, I believe that horses won’t learn how to nip if you hand-feed them cookies. Some horses will see you as a treat dispenser who must be bitten in order to give them cookies.

Delicious, low-starch, sugar, hay cubes.

These are the best horse treats with low sugar:

  • Your horse should be given a few pieces of his own hay from the next meal.
  • You can also give your horse some of his feed from the next meal. Horses don’t require extra calories from treats. If you give your horse a few of his daily rations, it will be a win-win situation.
  • Use hay cubes. These cubes are long-lasting, easy to store, delicious, low in sugar, and last forever. I have never seen a horse refuse to eat one. It is possible to soak the horses before you feed them.

Hay pellets are delicious and low in sugar and starch.

  • Use hay pellets. These pellets are similar to cubes but smaller. For some horses this makes it easier to chew and you don’t have to soak them.
  • Many horses love watermelon rinds, which are low-sugar treats. These are a favorite of some horses, but not all.
  • The apple’s skin.

You can also make low-sugar treats for horses.

  • It will take some creativity and some trial-and-error to make horse cookies.
  • If you wish, you can also add hay pellets or oats to the mix.
  • Find a way that will bind all your ingredients. You can use applesauce, bananas, or even water to bind them all together.
  • Some recipes call for molasses. If you prefer lower sugar, skip this step. Some recipes call for cinnamon or other spices. These are unnecessary.
  • Mix everything together, then spread it out and bake. You should bake at 350°F for between 30-60 minutes. Yes, that is correct. I am not a baker. Do you need to grease the sheet? Perhaps? Do you need to make sure that your smoke detectors work before you bake? Perhaps?

How can you give your horse low-sugar goodness?

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Allison Price

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