Can Horses Have Fleas?

Fleas and ticks are not pleasant and nobody wants them. It’s not impossible for horses to get fleas. But it is unusual. Most of the time, healthy horses can resist flea infestation. As pet owners, we must still prepare to deal with these pests. In this article, we will discuss the improbability of horses getting … Read more

How to Build A Round Horse Pen With Pallets

These days, most garden fencing to furniture and round pens are being built out of pallets. Here, we will describe how to build an ideal round pen of pallets and discuss some of its concerns. A round pen is usually intended to give you a secure and safe space. This is where you can walk … Read more

Top Horse Breeds for Jumping

All horses can jump. They are capable of jumping in some capacity, as long as they are well trained and have a good attitude. But when you are competing, you obviously want the best one. Looking for an enthusiastic equine partner in the jumping competition arena? There are several breeds best suited for the sport. … Read more

Horse Training Time Frame

Training a horse to have ground manners will take between 1-2 months of consistent 7 days a week work. To finish a horse’s ground manners can take 3 months to years. It depends on the horse’s vices and the availability and frequency he is exposed to things. How long it will take to train a … Read more

All About Raising Horses

Raising your horse brings an emotional connection and companionship along time. Especially raised with proper care, your horse will see you as someone they can depend and trust on. As much as it is wonderful to raise a horse, it takes a lot of love, care, and commitment. Not to mention, money and space! Before … Read more

What Horse Is The Fastest?

Speed is one of the best things we admire on horses apart from their beauty and strength. Different breeds excel at racing and each of them is popular for many reasons. Here, we will discuss a variety of horses which are then considered the fastest in the field. Thoroughbreds are the fastest horse and they … Read more

Group of Horses: Common Nouns and Terms

Several terms used to call a group of horses. The most common term that many use to call them is a “group”. The term “Team” was especially popular when referring to horses pulling items together. The term maintains its popularity today. But there are terms called for different groups of horses. We will go through … Read more

Teaching Your Horse to Neck Rein

Neck reining is basically a good skill for any horse to learn. It makes you feel secure in controlling your horse. Also, it gives you a free hand to open gates or retrieve an item from your saddlebag. You can point out a trail hazard, pat your gelding and many more. There are benefits when … Read more

Building A Budget Horse Barn

A simple horse barn protects your horses from the sun, wind, rain. It provides enough space for a horse. Are you looking to construct, design and renovate your own barn but you think it’s expensive? We have compiled some options for you in this article on how to build a horse barn on a budget. … Read more

All About Horses

Horses have been on this Earth for more than 50 million years. They originated in North America and then spread to Asia and Europe. The horses were extinct 10,000 years ago in North America. They reintroduced by European colonizers after. Horses initially use for milk and meat. Then, they’re considered for transportation afterward. As of … Read more

How Much Does A Horse Weigh?

Discussing the weight of humans may be a sensitive topic. But understanding horses’ weight is a different story. This is our key to understand how to keep them healthy in their growing years. An average horse may weigh 900 to 2000 pounds, depending on its size and breed. A racing horse usually weighs around 900 … Read more

Reasons Why Horses Nudge

Like humans, horses have different ways of showing affection. Some horses seem nippy, putting their lips or teeth on us. Some may nudge. The nostrils and sense of smell of horses are very sensitive. Horses communicate using their noses. So, what does it mean when your horse nudges you? Animals’ way of communication is way … Read more

Standardbred Horse: Info & Guidance


What is a Standardbred Horse? The Standardbred is an American horse breed popular for its harness racing ability. Harness Racing is where the members of the breed compete on a trot or pace. They are solid, well-built horses with good dispositions. The Standardbred is used in a variety of equestrian activities. This includes horse shows … Read more

The Importance of Helmet on Horseback

I have ridden a horse and the feeling of not being secured makes me uncomfortable. Riding a horse is dangerous. I’m not going into details on horse-related injury and fatality. They are far from straightforward. Not everybody likes to wear a helmet. But when you consider the safety benefits, it’s a compelling argument. Reasons Why … Read more

Difference Between Breeches and Jodhpurs

You may be wondering about the difference between breeches and jodhpurs. It is a reasonable question. Well, you are not alone! It is not common knowledge. Breeches and jodhpurs are both tight-fitting trousers. They are made with stretchy materials. Breeches definitely allow you to be free and comfortable in the saddle. They look similar and … Read more

Honey for Horses

Honey has been used as both food and medicine since ancient times. It’s very high in beneficial plant compounds. It offers several health benefits. Particularly, honey is healthy when used instead of sugar, which is 100% empty calories. Honey’s medical properties are not applicable only to humans. Horses also gain something from this natural ingredient. … Read more

Appaloosa Horse: Is It A Breed Or A Type Of Horse Color?

What is an Appaloosa Horse? First of all, Appaloosas are a breed of horse, not a color. Appaloosa breed is said to have descended in the Nez Percé Indian territory of North America. It started from a breed of wild mustangs that descended from Spanish horses brought by explorers.  The name “Appaloosa” derives from the … Read more

Friesian Horse

The Friesian is a breed of horses from Friesland, The Netherlands. While the conformation resembles a light draught horse, Friesians are agile and nimble.  The Friesian is an ancient, medieval breed of horses. Before World War I the breed almost died out and has since been revived as a fine carriage horse. In recent years … Read more

Mushroom Treat for Horses

Out in the pasture and thinking of feeding my horse with mushrooms. Are you also hesitant to allow your horse to eat mushrooms? We want to feed our horses with only what’s good for their health. It’s always best to stick to a regular feeding routine with mainly grass or hay. But sometimes we want … Read more

Color Prediction of a Foal

Horses and ponies come in a variety of colors and patterns. How then do we know the color in their early years? Colors are fascinating and good to look especially when it’s a beautiful combination. There are elements and indications to know whether your foal will be this or that color. At the end of … Read more

Foaling Capacity of a Mare

New to this breeding game and ever wonder how many foals your mare can have? It has also been my concern when I entered into the horse world. This article offers guidance for you as you have only started. We will discuss how many foals a mare is capable to give. A mare is capable … Read more

Bute for Horses Without Prescription

For some of us, we want to keep a few sachets of bute in the first aid box for unexpected minor injuries or inflammation. But some veterinarians are reluctant to prescribe. If there is no actual complaint presented, they will generally not give prescription. Do you want to know where you can buy bute without … Read more

What Do Your Foals Weigh At Birth

A mare’s gestation period is 11 months. They are usually in labor for almost eight hours. This foaling season is an exciting one for mares. They generally give birth at night. Owners are also excited to welcome new addition to their four-legged family. But we must be aware of things with regard to their weight. … Read more

Appropriate Age To Breed A Mare

Breeding a mare and raising a foal is not only a matter of taking them to a stallion. It is not only waiting 11 months and welcome a new member in the four-legged family. We want our foals to be healthy when they come out. Along with the rewards of raising a foal, there are … Read more

Horse Breeding: Are Quarter Horses Warm-Blooded?

The Quarter Horse is one of the oldest horse breeds with an American origin. It is a cross between English and Spanish origin and trained for bred performance. On a cattle range, Quarter Horse is perfect for herding. Its incredible speed and intellect are suitable for cattle herding. Also, it has been a choice of … Read more

Can Horses Eat Lettuce?

There is a wide variety of food our horses can enjoy. But some are not beneficial for their health so we have to be careful. Many horses would refuse to even sniff on some veggies and treats. That’s why it is important for horse owners to know which food is safe and cost-efficient. When feeding … Read more

What Do Your Foals Weigh At Birth

A mare’s gestation period is 11 months. They are usually in labor for almost eight hours. This foaling season is an exciting one for mares. They generally give birth at night. Owners are also excited to welcome new addition to their four-legged family. But we must be aware of things with regard to their weight. … Read more

How Long To Ride A Pregnant Mare

Pregnancy is a fragile and delicate condition, even for mares. Like pregnant women, they must be managed and cared for. They have independent feelings and each pregnancy can be different for each mare. This article gives knowledge on how to know the time and stage where you must stop riding pregnant mares. Signs can be … Read more

When to Geld a Colt: Pros & Cons

Wondering when is the right time to geld your colt?  You can geld a colt from as early as a week old, provided he has both testicles descended. And if you can find a vet willing to geld that young. Many vets recommend waiting until the colt is several months old. They said it will … Read more

Weaning: Separating the Foal & Mare

One of the most stressful experiences in a horse’s life is weaning. The fear and insecurity they feel after separation can lead to anxiety. There are 2 types of weaning: Gradual & Abrupt: Gradual Method You begin separating mare and foal at feeding time. There’s a safe fence between them for short periods of time … Read more

Can Horses Eat Cucumbers

Horses are herbivores and their digestive tracts don’t need meat for them to survive. They have distinct digestive systems that mean they can digest all plants and grass as well. The way for them to have a healthy lifestyle is by eating plants. Some of the food that is safe for them to eat are … Read more

Horse Breeding Business: Breeders Profit

It takes the risk to start any kind of business and equine businesses are not exempted. When it comes to breeding horses, there is a lot involved. Besides running a business, you will also be orchestrating a very delicate process. It is a process that involves live animals and their livelihood. Even if you have … Read more

Embryo Transfer in Horses: What & Cost?


Embryo transfer is used to procure offspring from mares with decreased reproductive capacity. (Mares with undiagnosed subfertility, uterine pathologies, or simply older mares)… or from quality mares which must remain pregnant to remain competitive. A good ET outcome includes intensive management of both donor and recipient mare. While this technology has been used in the … Read more

Things You Need to Know About Gelding

What is Gelding? The gelding is the removal of both testicles and the epididymis on a male horse. Part of the spermatic cord supplies blood and nerves. It houses the ductus deferens to the testicles. Veterinarians castrate male horses that are not for breeding. This will make horses easier to manage. Gelding an old stallion … Read more