Difference Between Breeches and Jodhpurs

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You may be wondering about the difference between breeches and jodhpurs. It is a reasonable question. Well, you are not alone! It is not common knowledge. Breeches and jodhpurs are both tight-fitting trousers. They are made with stretchy materials. Breeches definitely allow you to be free and comfortable in the saddle. They look similar and most of us use their names interchangeably. But there is a distinct difference.

What Are Breeches?

Breeches are not designed as full-length pants. They are slightly shorter. The end is above your ankles. It means that they sit flat to your calf. Breeches that fit right are not suitable for use with short boots. They are best worn with long riding boots. If you are an adult or long stirrup child, you must be wearing breeches every time in the show ring.

What is Jodhpurs?

Jodhpurs are full length pants. They need to be rolled up by a few inches at the bottom. This excess material means they don’t sit flat over your ankles. They are best suited being worn with short riding boots. Wear jodhpurs clips to prevent them riding up your leg.

Jodhpurs are usually worn at informal events. It is often used for schooling purposes for adults. They are seen as a more old-school option.

What is the Difference Between Breeches and Jodhpurs?

Jodhpurs are longer through the leg. It is designed to fold over the top of jodhpurs boots. They are favorable to use by junior hack/rider class competitors and in ridden show pony classes. But it’s not only kids that can pull off the jodhpur look. Preference wise, a lot of adults never grow out of them. They like the feeling of their calves on their horse’s sides and being soaked in hot horse sweat. To be certain, jodhpurs provide a close contact.

Breeches are shorter in length reaching to above the ankle. For this reason, they are designed to be worn with top boots, full grain leather chaps o gaiters. Nobody wants their nice and expensive top boots stretched unnecessarily by excess fabric.

Both breeches and jodhpurs are tight-fitting and stretchable. They move with your legs. They often have thicker patches of padding on the inside of the legs. Sometimes they have a full seat patch for extra comfort and make it easier to grip the saddle. The only real physical difference between breeches and jodhpurs is the leg-length.

Should You Wear Breeches or Jodhpurs?

It all comes down to personal preference whether to wear breeches or jodhpurs. My advice would be to try both to see which you’re more comfortable with.

Jodhpurs are great for daily riding wear. They are often deemed a little more casual than breeches. It can get a little uncomfortable with your leg if you wear them with long riding boots.

Some horse riders deem breeches to be more formal than jodhpurs. They preferably wear breeches when competing. Yet, jodhpurs can be just as smart. Breeches are a little bit expensive. But most riders will agree that they are more comfortable to wear.

What Are the Best Riding Breeches?

Make every dollar count by choosing quality riding pants. Breeches that are comfortable and durable. So that you can wear them many times per week for years. Let’s discover the best riding breeches.

For Men:

TuffRider Men’s Ribb Patrol Breech. These pants look like they will hold up. They are almost like regular pants, so comfortable to wear. The four pockets are huge. The buttons are out of the way enough that it doesn’t poke you in the saddle. The fabric is tight but not too tight that it gives you room to sweat a little.

HyPERFORMANCE Mens Jakata Breeches. These are made from agate cool fabric, completed with stretch leather knee patches. Traditionally styled with a pleated front. These also have side and back pockets with a stud closure.

Ovation Mens Straight. These are styled with YK front zipper. They have two front and two rear pockets and hook-and-loop ankle closures. These breeches protect the legs from UV rays. The greatest comfort while under the sun is ensured.

For Women:

Kerrits Griptek II Full Seat Breech. It has a hidden zip and snap closure for a quick and easy change. Whether you are between schooling and showing, or the barn and office, this is the best. You never have to worry about looking like a mess because it is stain and water resistant. You can wash on cold and tumble dry with no heat. It is sized for women. The texture is rubbery and it sticks to the saddle. The material is lightweight and extremely comfortable. It is a bit expensive but it’s worth it.

Horze Women’s Active Knee Patch Tights. If you need something to get you through the winter with a very tight budget, this is the perfect one. It’s perfect for someone looking for a very snug and super soft riding pants. It is so thick and warm that my legs are often the only warm part of me when riding on cold days.

Ovation Women’s Euro Melange. These full seat breeches will definitely be your favorite! These are very classy looking breeches. Also, these are super stretchy and comfortable to wear.

TuffRider Ladies Starter LowRise. These are thick and comfortable breeches. What I like about this is the feeling that they will hold up too many rides. Even if you run into arena walls and fences and wash them several times, they will still amazingly look new. This feels sturdier than my old schooling breeches.

For Kids:

Kerrits Kids Ice Fil Full Seat Tight. This one is perfect for kids. Kids love pockets on their riding breeches. It has two low profile pockets on the sides. It provides extra security without the constraint of a traditional full seat tight. Your kids would definitely feel secure and confident with this Kerrit Sticks technology. Because it provides anti-slip in the inner leg and seat.


To choose on what to wear depends on your personal choice. There are plenty jodhpurs available that will not cost as much as breeches or riding tights. That makes jodhpurs the best for starting out or competing at lower level. Yet, many horse riders prefer to compete in breeches. Breeches have variety of styles and choices available.

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