3 Tips To Stay Secure in the Saddle

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You can sit comfortably by being secure in your saddle. These are three stick-like glue tips that will help you increase your support base.

Do you want to feel more secure when riding? To be able to sit down deeply as though you were held in place by glue.

Sitting comfortably is about feeling secure and comfortable in the saddle. These are three stick-like glue tips that will help you increase your support base.

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We would all. You would. Security will not only keep you safe from your horse’s fall, but it will also allow you to communicate with your horse with the most ease possible.

The net result is that you become a safer and more efficient rider.

What is the secret to security in the saddle? Your “base of support,” or lower body position. This is a key point that all the riding coaches I have ever met agree on. You must be seated deep in the saddle. Your legs should be in contact with the sides of your horse and under your center. Your weight should sink into your heels.

It’s easy to say but not so simple to do. To develop a stick-like glue lower-body position it takes a lot of “wet” saddle blankets (time spent in the saddle). These three exercises will help speed up your progress.

1. Nerf Alert. Imagine a nerfball in the middle your back between your shoulder blades. You must keep your shoulders back and your head down to hold it. You will need to have an upright upper body which will allow you to sit down in the saddle with your “on your pockets” position. You can practice nerf-ball posture as you ride. Over time, you will learn to sit higher in the saddle and more upright in your torso.

2. Deliver. Balance is what you will “deliver”. Standing straight up with your stirrups and letting your weight sink into your heels, you will achieve balance. Make sure your stirrups are at the bottom of your feet. You can maintain this standing position by using your balance only. You’ll notice that your legs must be directly under your center point of balance. As a precaution, grab some mane to ensure you don’t pull your horse’s reins out of his mouth if you lose your balance. You can start at a standstill, and then go for a walk. When you feel comfortable, go up to a trot, then a slow trot, and finally a lope. Your legs will become more stable and stay under you.

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3. Power Post. This is a beloved English riding instructor’s favorite. It will greatly increase your security. Begin to trot at a steady pace. Now, let go of your stirrups. Begin slowly and increase your time. This exercise can be exhausting, so don’t get saddle sore. Your horse’s barrel will naturally be wrapped around your legs, and your legs will naturally grow longer. You may initially find that you grip more than you should in normal riding. However, as your leg position improves, and the muscles of your legs tone and strengthen, it will become easier to post with less gripping. You’ll notice how competent your legs feel when you get up to post again, especially after a few days of practice without stirrups.

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