Best Heated Water Troughs

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Water troughs can freeze in winter. There are many water trough heaters that can be used to heat water for horses and livestock.

Water trough heaters heat units designed to prevent ice formation on buckets and troughs. As horses and livestock require freshwater, it is important to prevent troughs freezing. There are many types of trough heating devices, including integrated, submersible and bucket.

Best Heated Water Troughs

Different types of water trough heaters

  • Floating Heating Heaters: These heaters are safe to use with poly or plastic troughs. Always plug the deicer into a GFI outlet. They are an excellent option but some horses might be curious about them.
  • Submersible Heating:Submersible heating units are located at the bottom of a trough to keep it from moving. Submersible heaters are protected from metal and plastic tanks by a wire guard.
  • Bucket Heating: bucket heaters are designed specifically for buckets, and not full-sized water troughs.
  • Integrated HeatersIntegrated heaters can be used to heat the trough by simply using a switch. They do require professional installation of water lines, electricity, and concrete.
  • Solar Heaters:Solar heaters harness the sun’s power. This means you don’t need to worry about wires and cords. You can use them with manual troughs, automatic waterers, or tied to your waterline.

A water trough heater is a great option if you live in colder climates. Breaking ice off buckets can take a while and it can be tedious as you need to do it multiple times per day.

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