Horse Spirit Animal Meaning & Symbolism

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You’re sure to have a great time riding a horse. Horses are adventurous and free-spirited, which is why this horse spirit animal is so great. This horse spirit animal will help you achieve your goals.

Horses are a symbol of strength, passion, and directed energies. They are also a symbol of wealth and power in the Native American culture.

You can trust your horse spirit animal as a source for strength and will help you reach greater heights. They will inspire you to achieve your goals.

Each horse is unique and can present you with different challenges and opportunities. Continue reading to find out what your horse spirit animal is all about. Your horse’s color plays an important role in its meaning.

What does the sight of a white horse symbolize?

White horse spirit animals are a symbol of purity and freedom. They also have the wisdom to make wise decisions. A white horse is an indication that your spirit animal can be trusted to guide you through your life with dignity, grace and grace.

Your white horse can be wild or tame, but they will help you express your heart’s desires. Your white horse is able to guide you to the right path if you are at a crossroads.

Horse Spirit

White horses are extremely moral. They are often represented as mythical horses and symbolize freedom and grace across many cultures. This horse spirit animal will bring out the best of you. They can see the bigger picture and take all possible outcomes into account before deciding on the best course of action.

What does it mean to see a black horse?

Are you familiar with the expression “dark horse”, which refers to someone who is afraid of dark horses? The black horse is a symbol of strength and passion, which will get you through even the toughest times.

You can count on your black horse spirit animal to be there for you when you most need them. Black horses can be more wild than others. They never lose their wild streak. They are an asset that is invaluable.

They are not afraid to take on any challenge. You can trust their passion and ability to win any battle. While they might seem distant when things are going well for them, their strong nature will always be there to help you through difficult situations.

Brown Horse Meaning and Symbolism

Brown horses are a symbol of control and energy. This horse is the most reliable of all colors.

Your brown horse can give you the energy and determination you need, whether you are struggling to get the courage to start something or just need to push the finish line.

Brown horses are driven and passionate. Sometimes, they can even be stubborn. This is the exact energy your spirit animal needs to help you reach your goals.

Other colours

Don’t be alarmed if your horse spirit animal has a combination or colors. It is easy to find their meaning. Simply combine the meanings above.

A Piebald or Grey, for example, would represent a combination of the meanings of black and white horses. They are both wise and pure, and can help you get through difficult situations.

Your horse will have dominant characteristics if it has more of one color. If your horse is a Skewbald, Appaloosa or other brown breed, expect them to be more determined than anyone else. They will help you make smart decisions when you get to crossroads.

Chestnuts are more fiery than the standard brown horse. Chestnuts can spark a greater passion in you than brown horses and give you more energy, but they can also be more difficult to control.

Horse Spirit Animal Guidance

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6 Meanings Horse Spirit Animals Represent

There are many aspects that can change the meaning of your horse’s colour. Take note of the wildness or calmness of your spirit animal before you begin to look at them. This will give you an initial insight into their meaning.

Wild or tame

Horse spirit animals may be free and wild or docile, or both. How they manage their energy will determine the meaning of your horse.

A tame horse can hold their energy so you will have a reliable horse to help you reach your goals.

Your horse should be wild and free to allow you to explore your world and live life more energetically.

You want to make the horse happy and healthy. While you want your horse to be free to explore the world, you also want to establish trust between you.
After you’ve achieved a healthy balance, your horse can carry the following meanings on a personal level for.

Passion is ignited

Horse spirit animals can ignite your passions. You can express yourself, your passions, or your desire to be successful. You will find ways to express yourself with your horse in ways that you didn’t know possible.


Your personal boundaries will be broken down by your new passion. You’ll find it easier to do things you didn’t think possible. It will be easier to work with your horse and jump fences together, which will make it easier for you to explore new areas.


This could be physical travel. It’s often a more tangible form of travel. You’ll be able to travel at a rapid pace if you are more free within yourself. Your horse spirit animal can help you move forward in your life.


Your horse is the last but not least. Your horse will be there for you in times of need. You can always reach out to them for help, even when you feel you are unable to carry on.

Your horse’s colour will indicate which areas of your life these meanings can be expressed.

It is important to remember that your spirit animal represents part of you. If they act irrationally, it is likely that there is a part of them that longs to express themselves. If they’re too complacent and docile, it’s time for you to get out of their comfort zone.

Horse Totem Meaning

Your totem animal is the Horse. It represents freedom above all other things. It is being encouraged to take control and move on. You can trust your horse to take you to greater and better things, regardless of whether you have to leave others behind or make difficult changes.

It is time to let go of the limitations you place on your self and ride with confidence into the sunset. Your personal beliefs are the only thing that will hold you back. You can let the horse take you on a new journey.

Is Horse Your Spirit Animal

How can you tell? It’s quite easy. You can close your eyes and find your happy place, wherever it may be. You can choose to be in a quiet field, cave, waterfall, or river. It will make you feel safe and secure.

Now imagine yourself sitting in that place and closing your eyes. Your spirit animal can be reached by calling you. As they enter your happy space, you’ll be able to hear their footsteps and feel their presence.

Close your eyes until you are certain they are there. Next, close your eyes and go to your happy place. Your spirit animal is the animal you see in front.

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Imagine Horses in Your Dreams

You can also see horses in your dreams. Although they may not be your spirit animal, they can still convey important messages. You can find special meaning in the way they appear to you in your dreams.

If you dream of a horse, make sure you pay attention to things such as color, behavior, and what they are doing.

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