Why is a Donkey Called a Jackass?

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Are you aware that a Jackass is a term used to refer to a donkey? You have been rightly warned. You can call Jackasses donkeys, but not all Jackasses donkeys.

Jackass and Burros are all terms used to describe male donkeys. Most male donkeys are called Jacks, while only a few domestic animals are called Jackass. There is a reason for this.

You need to first know the history of your domestic animal to be able understand why only a handful of donkeys are called “jackasses”.

The Equidae family includes donkeys and horses. These Equidae members are all stockier and have long, floppy ears.

This Equidae member is a descendant from the African Wild Ass. In simpler terms, an African wild donkey.

The African Wild Ass is a small, sturdy, and observable animal. It can be identified by its short, dark, straight mane, whitish muzzles and smooth color.

The domestic African Wild Ass version looks very similar to horses. However, donkeys have smaller ears and longer ears.

Let’s move on to the main topic of today: Why are donkeys called “jackasses?”

There are no hard and fast rules. This is why livestock farmers differ on the topic and donkeys are called “jackasses”.ContentsShow

Learn the meaning of Jackass

According to a few livestock farmers, not all donkeys will be considered jackasses. Jackasses are sometimes reserved for stubborn donkeys. Jackasses are not for donkeys who are easy to handle. It is a term that we used to refer to stubborn donkeys.

According to a group, Jackass is the term we use for male donkeys. This is supported by a group of livestock farmers who call male donkeys Jackasses.

Why is a Donkey Called a Jackass

They say that “Jack” refers to male donkeys, and “Jenny” refers to female donkeys. Because donkeys are descendants of African Wild Asses, few livestock keepers prefer to call them “Jackasses”.

If male donkeys are called Jackasses, which is because they descend from Wild Asses, then why don’t female donkeys have similar names? A female donkey should have an “asses” added to her name. All livestock keepers should either stop calling stubborn donkeys “Jackasses” and start adding “asses’ to the female donkeys’ names.

There is a difference between Jackass and Donkey

Here are some other things to communicate as the mystery behind this strange behavior is unraveled.

Jackasses and domestic donkeys are also known as “asses”.

As we call African Wild donkeys, it’s inappropriate to call domestic donkeys “ass”. The livestock keepers don’t mind calling stubborn donkeys “asses” because they are descendants from wild asses.

It is okay to call stubborn donkeys “ass” As long as it’s not documented, a stubborn dokey can be called an “ass”.

Spanish and Mexican donkeys are not called Jackasses by the Spanish or Mexicans.

Mexicans and Spanish prefer to call male donkeys Burros. Burros means donkey in Spanish. The Spanish and Mexicans prefer this term to refer to small donkeys with long, thick hair.

Burros, Asses or Jackasses can be used to name a donkey in a few simple words.

Jack and Jenny are the two terms officially assigned. Jacks are male donkeys, while Jennies are females. The male donkeys can be called Burros, Asses and Jackasses by livestock keepers.

Can you really call a donkey an jackass?

It is okay to call a donkey a Jackass. It is better to call this domestic animal Jack instead. The male donkey is called “Jack” in official documents and books.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Jackass, Jackass and Burros?

Jack, Jackass and ass are just a few of the ways you can call a male donkey. These terms are not interchangeable. Burros, a Spanish term for small donkeys with long hair is called. The Jack, ass or Jackass refers to adult male donkeys.

Is a mule a jackass?

Mule is not a donkey or horse. This is an animal produced from crossbreeding male donkeys with female horses. Jackass refers to donkeys. The mule is not a Jackass because it is neither a donkey or a horse.

Who is a Jackass anyway?

Jackass refers to male donkeys and stupid people. It’s not insulting to use it on a donkey, but it is offensive to use it on a human.

What’s the difference between Jackass and a mule?

Jackass is the same thing as donkey. Jackass refers to male donkeys. The mule, on the other hand, is an animal created by crossing male donkeys with female horses.

Is a female donkey a Jackass?

Jennies is the only name that can be used for female donkeys. Jackass or Jack is the name for male donkeys. You cannot call a female donkey Jackass.


Donkeys are descendants of African Wild Asses, which were domesticated around 3000 BC. For many reasons, donkeys are beloved and sought after.

We use a few terms to describe male and female donkeys. Officially, male donkeys can be called Jacks while female donkeys can be called Jennies. Other than Jack, we now use other terms for male donkeys.

Jackass is most commonly used. Jackass is the name given to male donkeys. This may be because they are stubborn, or because they descend from African Wild Asses. Although it is fine to call a donkey an “ass” or “jackass”, the term Jack is preferred.

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