Why do Horses Have Big Willys?

Last Updated on March 15, 2022 by Allison Price

Horses are beautiful, pure animals with a stunning aesthetic. Horses are loved for their personal and loving natures. There are over 10 million horses in the United States alone. There are many physical characteristics that will catch your attention if you’ve ever seen a horse close up. One of the most striking features of a male horse’s willys is its large size. Today’s article will explain why horses have large willies.

Why are horses so big-willed?

It is not difficult to see why horses have large willys (big penises). Female horses possess deep vaginas with a width between 6-8 inches and a height that can reach as high as 30 inches. To fertilize a female horse with their sperm, a male horse must first reach her uterus. To fertilize an egg, the sperm must reach their uterus. This can happen in their vagina. A male horse needs a long penis to fertilize the egg. Horses have evolved to have larger penises over the years. This is because they were more likely to imminate female horses.

Horses Have Big Willys

Horses with long penises are often mistaken for being big animals. Although larger animals tend to have longer penises than smaller ones, this is not always true. The average male gorilla is 350 pounds but has a penis length of 2 inches. The size of a specie’s penis depends on many factors, including flexibility, climate, and whether it lives on land or water.

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What is the average horse penis size?

A horse’s penis size when it is erect is approximately 24-32 inches. An average horse’s penis size is about 16 inches.

Horses don’t just have a large willy. Our Why do horses fart so often article is available.

Which horse breed has the biggest penis?

The Stallion is the horse breed with the largest penis. Stallions can have penises that measure 38 inches long when they are standing.

Which animal has the largest male penis?

Blue whales have the largest penis. Blue whales can grow up to ten feet and a half in length. The width of a blue whale penis can reach as high as 12 inches.

Allison Price
Allison Price

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