Vaccination Guidelines

Last Updated on February 19, 2022 by Allison Price

These guidelines are meant to serve as a guide for veterinarians who use vaccines in their practices. These guidelines are not intended to be used as directives or regulations and should not been interpreted in that way. It is the responsibility of attending veterinarians, through an appropriate veterinarian-client-patient relationship, to utilize relevant information coupled with product availability to determine optimal health care programs for their patients.

These guidelines may not be the same as the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is due to the professional judgement of the people involved in their development. Each practitioner must make a decision about vaccine use based on his or her own professional experience and the particular circumstances.

Vaccination Guidelines on Horses

These guidelines only cover products that have been licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture for use on horses (including draft and ponies). The use of vaccines in other equidae is not well documented (i.e. Asses, donkeys and mules, miniature horses, and Zebra are all candidates for vaccines. The attending veterinarian will decide if these animals should be vaccinated.

Allison Price
Allison Price

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