Set Up a Successful Horse Breeding Business

Set Up a Successful Horse Breeding Business

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Deborah Borra jumped from harp-playing and real estate to become a commercial Swedish Warmblood breeder. She was as knowledgeable about business as she could be. Written by Sandra Cooke, Practical Horseman magazine.

Deborah Borra arrived at Cornell University in 1994 in order to learn more about breeding. Dr. Chris Schweizer, an equine reproduction specialist, and Dr. Michelle Kutzler did not expect that she would last one year in her new venture.

Set Up a Successful Horse Breeding Business

Deborah, a successful real estate agent and professional harpist had just acquired Brando, an 18 year-old Swedish Warmblood Stallion stallion and three broodmares. Although she was an experienced rider, she had never owned a horse or bred a mare.

Deborah counts Deborah’s veterinarians as her best friend. Her Normandy Manor Farm has grown to include 30 horses on a 230-acre farm in Western New York. It started with nine horses on three Long Island farms. Brando died at 24 from heart failure. The farm is now occupied by the Swedish stallions Kardinal, and Falcon.

Deborah’s unstoppable energy, enthusiasm, and systematic approach to breeding business is what have made her a success. She is an expert in veterinary and technical aspects of horse reproduction and has continued to learn through Cornell courses and at Maryland’s Hilltop Farm with Paul Loomis, a frozen-semen specialist. She also manages her farm efficiently with the knowledge she has gained in her previous business career.

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