Regu-mate for the moody mare – an owner’s guide

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Altrenogest, also known as Regu-mate, is a synthetic hormone that suppresses heat-related behavioral signs (also known as oestrus). The oil can be applied directly to the mare’s mouth or mixed in with the mare’s feed. How Regu-mate works: As a mare enters heat, and prepares to breed, her levels increase. After a mare ovulates, her levels of oestrogen drop and are replaced by an increasing amount progesterone. If the mare is not pregnant within 14-16 days, her progesterone levels will drop and the cycle begins again. Regu-mate, a synthetic progesterone, is available. Regu-mate can effectively suppress the oestrus of 95 percent of mares within three days. It can be given daily for up 15 consecutive days to keep mares from going into oestrus. After Regu-Mate has been discontinued, mares will be able to return to heat in 4 to 5 days. They will also ovulate within 5-7 days. Breeding managers know this and use Regu-mate to facilitate the scheduled breeding of multiple mares, as well as maximize the use of a single stallion. Regu-mate is able to eliminate hormonal distractions in a moody mare. This allows performance horses to be more focused on you and perform better predictably. Regu-mate cannot improve your mare’s performance beyond what she is used to. After stopping treatment, behaviour problems can recur. Your performance mare’s ability to be a brood mare should not be compromised by Regu-mate. Strategic use Regu-mate is not necessary for your mare to be on the whole year. Strategic use can lower the cost and amount of Regu-mate. Once you have a good understanding of the effects of Regu-mate on each horse, you can create a treatment plan. This will often involve you starting Regu-mate four days before the show date and continuing the treatment for fifteen days. After that, you can expect to see a heat within 4 to 5 days. Dosage and administration: 1ml Regumate Equine for every 50 kg bodyweight (0.044mg Altrenogest/kg) is the appropriate dose. This dosage will be administered over 15 consecutive days. The average horse of 500kg will need 10mls daily. Make sure you carefully read all instructions regarding the use of the different sizes containers. It may be possible to reduce the dose over time. Regu-mate Equine holds a product license for horses. The Jockey Club and other governing bodies consider it a “prohibited drug”. It means that horses must be free from the medication for at most eight days before they can race. Some organizations, like the FEI allow mares to race on Regu-mate. An ETUE 2 (declaration to administer altrenogest (e.g. The Veterinary Commission/Delegate must sign and approve the ETUE 2 (declaration for administration of altrenogest (e.g. Regu-mate) to mares participating in FEI competitions). However, Regu-mate administration to stallions is a violation of the FEI EADCM rules. Use Regu-mate with care. Make sure that anyone who is handling it reads the information sheet. Avoid contact with skin. Protective gloves should always be worn when Regu-mate is administered. Regu-mate is not recommended for mares suffering from uterine inflammation. Use this product only in horses not intended for human consumption. This product should not be used by pregnant women or women who suspect that they may become pregnant. This product should be handled with extreme caution by women of child bearing age. Accidental absorption can cause a disruption in the menstrual cycle and prolongation of pregnancy. Avoid direct contact with the skin. You should wash your skin immediately after accidental spillage with soap and water.

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