Is Your Horse Going Bald?

Last Updated on February 21, 2022 by Allison Price

Horses almost never lose their hair. However, in extreme cases like starvation, horses can develop hairless spots from time to time. These bare areas may occur due to injuries such as bites or kicks that have removed a small section of hair. These bare spots can also be caused rainrot and other fungal or bacterial infections. Although they are usually treatable with topical medication, some of these conditions can be stubborn and slow to resolve.

Horse Going Bald

Equine alopecia can also cause hair loss. This condition causes inflammation around the hair follicles. This condition is very rare. One study only identified 15 cases from a review of over 30 years of treatment records. It is more common in Appaloosas and Quarter Horses, and it has the greatest effect on mane, tail,, and facial hair in spring and summer. It is possible for hair loss to occur in a variety of ways and it can be resolved without any treatment.

Patchy hair loss in horses is a sign that the owner should seek treatment. It is important to not share grooming equipment or tack with horses with normal coats.

Horses need to have a balanced diet that provides the nutrients they need for proper hair growth. A nutritional hoof supplement and a coat supplement will help to grow new hairs after an infection has cleared up. This will also make your coat shiner. Kentucky Equine Research recommends using BIO-Bloom PS ( BIO-Bloom HF) in Australia. This dual-action supplement is designed to maintain healthy hooves, skin, and nails. There is no way to accelerate coat growth. However, bare spots will fill in quickly once infections and injuries are healed.

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