How to Give Pills to Horses

Last Updated on February 21, 2022 by Allison Price

After examining your horse and diagnosing the problem, the veterinarian gave you a large bottle of tablets to give twice daily. The veterinarian has confirmed that the problem is treatable. But what should you do now? It’s not like the horse will just take the big pill from your hand. How can you get it in him?

It is easiest to make a small hole in a piece of carrot or apple and then push the pill into it. The horse should be given several small, unmedicated pieces. Next, the horse should be given the doctored portion. The horse will eat the pills without even realizing it.

Give Pills to Horses

Although horses have excellent senses of taste and smell , this trick may not work for higher doses. The next step is to grind the pill into a powder, and then mix it with a larger amount of something tasty. The powder can be blended into yogurt, molasses or pancake syrup. Using a few tablespoons of any of these carrier substances can mask the taste of the pill. Mix the powder with a handful of sweet feed if the horse refuses to eat it. The powder can be mixed with regular grain rations without any carrier and horses may eat it. However, the powder can be sifted to the bottom of the tub and not eaten.

Mix the crushed medicine with sweet feed and half a cup water. Strawberry flavoring is a favorite of many horses. You may need to experiment to find the right taste for your horse.

You might need to try a different method if none of the above ingredients work. The crushed pill should be mixed with yogurt or applesauce. A friend can hold the horse’s harness and place the syringe in the horse’s mouth. It’s similar to giving oral wormer,. However, it is important not to poke the horse’s roof with the syringe. To make it less likely that the horse will vomit, ensure the mixture is placed towards the back of his tongue. This will get easier with practice and you won’t need to have an assistant.

Allison Price
Allison Price

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