How Much Does A Donkey Weigh?

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Donkeys are great additions to any farm because they make excellent pets and can be great guard animals for small livestock. However, they can vary in size and weight.

Donkeys can weigh between 200 and 1300 pounds. Donkeys are classified primarily based on their size and not their breed.

Donkeys in the United States are classified as miniature, standard, and mammoth. The smallest donkeys are miniatures. While the largest are mammoths.

How Much Does A Donkey Weigh

Farm owners who want to add a donkey on their ranch need to know how heavy a donkey is. This information will allow them to decide what type of donkey they want based on its expected growth.

What Does a Donkey Weigh?

Donkey weights can vary based on their size. These are the sizes of the donkeys in the US. How much do they weigh?


Miniature donkeys range in height from 30 to 36 inches and can be kept as pets or companion animals on farms for small goats, sheep and pigs.

Although miniature donkeys are safe to be ridden by young children, they can’t withstand the weight of adults.

The world’s smallest miniature donkey is located in Florida. It stands only 25.29 inches high.


Standard donkeys are between 36 and 56 inches tall at the shoulders. They weigh more than 400 pounds, but often less than 900. Standard male donkeys can reach 56 inches.

Standard donkeys can be used as guard animals for cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock.

These donkeys are great for family pets and can be ridden by small children.


Mammoth donkeys must be at least 54 inches high and weigh between 900 and 1300 pounds.

Romulus, an American Mammoth donkey weighing 1300 pounds, is the largest known donkey.

In order to create mules, mammoth donkeys can be bred with horses to make the hybrid offspring. They can reach 14 hands high or more, which is similar to small horses.

Mammoth donkeys make the best donkeys to ride because their size allows them the ability to carry the weight of an adult or a child.

What is the maximum weight that donkeys can carry?

Donkeys can safely carry as much weight as their bodyweight.

This means that a small donkey can carry between 50 and 80 pounds, depending on its size. A larger donkey of 600 pounds could safely carry 120 pounds.

If they are at least 900 lbs, mammoth donkeys can haul at least 180 pound. Donkeys can lift significantly more weight than their bodies can bear.

What Does a Donkey Foal Weigh?

The size of the parents can affect the weight of their donkey foals. Miniature donkey foals typically weigh between 18 and 25 pounds at birth.

Mammoth donkey foals are typically between 19-30 pounds and 20-30 pounds for standard donkey babies.

Weight Range (adult, pounds)Height Range (inches).Foal Weight Range (pounds)Capacity (dependent upon the animal’s body weight)
Miniature200-40025.29-3618-25Maximum 80 Pounds
Standard400-90036-5619-30Maximum 180 Pounds
Mammoth900-1300>54>30Maximum 260 Pounds

How to Calculate a Donkey’s Weight

Sometimes, it is necessary to measure your donkey’s weight in order to accurately determine things such as medicine or food supplements. There are four methods to determine a donkey’s weight.

1. Buy a scale for livestock to increase the profitability of your farm.

Livestock scales can be expensive so you need one for every 100 animals. The majority of livestock scales cost more than $2,500.

2. Bring the donkey to a large-animal veterinarian.

Large animal veterinarians will have scales in their offices that can accommodate large animals such as donkeys.

3. Look around at local farms.

Ask your local farmers if they have an animal scale that you can use to weigh your donkey.

4. To easily calculate the weight of your donkey, you can use an equine calculator.

Take measurements of the donkey’s shoulder height and chest circumference. Also, measure their body length. Online equine calculators are available to help you calculate your donkey’s estimated weight.

How Can You Tell If A Donkey Is Overweight?

It is easy to tell if your donkey is overweight by looking at its body. Donkeys who are overweight have thick necks, particularly at the mane.

The fat layer covering their shoulders, back and hindquarters makes it difficult for them to feel their bones, even under pressure. They might also experience difficulty walking and may develop laminitis and lameness.

If donkeys are allowed to graze on lush pastures and given high-calorie treats during the day, they can easily become overweight.

Consult a veterinarian if you suspect your donkey might be overweight.

How Can You Tell If A Donkey Is Underweight?

A basic physical exam can determine if your donkey has a low body weight. Donkeys with a low body mass will have a thin neck and minimal muscle conformation.

Visible rib bones can be felt easily and indicate that a donkey has lost weight. If the donkey is not weighing enough, its hip bones and backbone can be easily seen or felt.

If donkeys aren’t fed enough or for other reasons, they can become overweight.

Contact a veterinarian immediately if you suspect that a donkey underweight.

Last Thoughts

Depending on their size, a donkey’s weight may vary. Although a donkey’s weight is not necessary to know, it can be vital.

You now know where your donkey is in terms of weight and there are a few ways to find out more.

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