Horse Years

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A dog’s one-year life span is equivalent to a person’s seven years. What does this mean? This basically means that you are trying to find a way to compare the lifespan of a dog, which averages 10 years, to that of a human who averages 70 years.

It sounds easy, but it isn’t. Comparing an animal’s lifespan to that of humans requires a lot of thought. Even for dogs, it’s more complex than simply giving it a 1:17 ratio. How about horses and other animals?

It’s not possible to have a horse year for every human year. As the horse gets older, it changes. The gap between horse years and human years is greater the younger horse. A horse’s first year is equivalent to approximately 6 human years. The horse’s second year is equal 5 human years. The horse’s third year is equal 4 human years. The horse fourth year is about 3 human year. Each horse year is equivalent to 2.5 human years.

Confused? I’m confused too! These equations are complicated because there are many contributing factors and no clear correlation. It’s not hard to find others who have done the same work. For a quick and easy estimate, click here.

What are some of these contributing factors then? The maturity rates for horses and humans are both mentally and physically different. Horses, unlike many mammals, can walk the first day of their lives. Humans first walk at 18 months old, while horses walk the first time they walk. A horse’s adult weight is approximately 2/3 of what it weighs at one year. For humans, this happens at the age of 13. Thirteen is the age when humans begin adolescence. For horses, it is around age 2.

Horse Years

When attempting to compare a horse’s age with a human’s, other factors include aerobic capacity, maximum muscular weight, menopause, and average life spans.

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