Five Funny Things That Horses Do And Why They Do Them

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Horses can be boring. But horses are funny. Horses can make funny faces or do things that are humorous to humans. There is usually a reason behind their hilarious behavior. Here are five things horses do that are funny and the reasons why.

1. Showing their upper teeth

Horses will lift their noses up and curve their upper lips towards the sky to show their upper teeth. They look happy and relaxed. They are actually performing a Flehmen reaction. The horse can force a scent to travel further into his nasal cavity by curling his upper lip. Horses will do this if they are exposed to new smells. Stallions will do the same thing to determine if a mare has been bred. You can train horses to curl their lips by using an unusual or strong smell.

2. Grab each other’s butts

It is common to see two horses side-by-side. The horses are facing in opposite directions. They will use their teeth to rub each other’s backs. Horses can find this area difficult to reach by themselves. Both horses and riders will benefit from working together to get to the itchy spots. Respect and acceptance are also shown by grooming herd members.

3. Follow the steps on the ground

We picture a horse walking across a pasture with its head up, flowing mane, and tail. What is a horse doing while they trot across the meadow, their noses pointed at the ground? Horses are naturally curious. However, they have poor eyesight in front. To see what they are interested in, they must lower their heads.

Although it may seem absurd, this can be an act of self-preservation. There are many prairie dog towns in Wyoming, for example. Horses will not step in holes if they are trotting through these towns.

Funny Things That Horses Do And Why They Do Them

Snakes are one thing that horses seem to be interested in. This is especially important for young horses. The horse’s head will be lowered as the snake moves along. To teach the foals about snakes, we kept a non-poisonous bull serpent around. The snake would follow them and strike at them.

They discovered that snakes are not very interesting. This was an important lesson, as Wyoming is home to large numbers of Diamond Back Rattlesnakes.

4. Toys and games

Horses are smart animals and can easily get bored. Horses can become bored if they spend too much time in a stall with little to do.

Boredom can be overcome in horses in many ways. There are many ways to combat boredom in horses.

Toys don’t have to be used in the stall. Horse balls are large enough that horses can play kickball. These balls can be lifted up with their handles and shaken around. They will be able to grab feed buckets and wave them around, which is a lot better than picking them up!

5. Rolling around

Have you ever seen a horse roll across the ground to see if it will turn over?

Rolling has many benefits

According to chiropractors, horses who have the chance to roll often have less back problems and may have a longer riding career. They may have that one itch they can’t get to, and it could be the reason for a good roll. After a bath, rolling is not an attempt to get back at the human. It’s a way for the hair to be loosen and everything to go back to normal. Rolling in the mud is good for keeping the bugs away.

Rolling could be an indicator of trouble

Bad cramps can occur when gas builds up inside a horse’s intestinal tract. To relieve cramps, a horse may roll to move the gas.

Gas colic is when the gas doesn’t move. This article will explain the signs and types of colic.

Final thoughts

Horses can make us laugh. Their comedy acts have their reasons. It is important to understand the reasons.

Allison Price
Allison Price

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