Dressage: The Importance of Having It

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The core of most disciplines for horse riding is dressage. It is the main blocks in developing aids. Also, dressage is beneficial to horses since they can improve their athletic ability. Dressage offers a good foundation for both rider and horse in developing their bond. If you choose one discipline to concentrate, it will allow you to appreciate and grow in the art.

Competing in a dressage competition is not easy but will a room for growth. Challenge comes when you want to master all the elements in dressage. It will also allow you to have better understanding of the purpose of the level you are competing. Wanting to improve your score comes with a price. 

Every movement when you ride your horses has a corresponding point. So, it is better to understand how to get a score of 10. Also, it is fundamental to for you to grasp the movements and their descriptions. With this, you will able to progress in every competing level and can help your everyday training.

The most important matter to remember is how you enjoy and love the moment with your horses. So, if dressage is not your bet, try to understand the basics for you to enjoy the ride. Also, with that information, you can establish good communication with your horses. In time, you can build relationship with your horses. 

The Importance of Dressage Training

Dressage training helps horses to be more confident, comfortable, supple, calm. Also, they can be flexible and loose, and attentive. It also builds a comfortable forehand and your hind-end engagement. This the right for you to travel. Everything will follow if the flat work is right. Also, the softness and suppleness of flat work must observe. You should always listen to your legs and have the capability on bending them.

Moreover, dressage makes transitions precise, keen, and has a correct engagement. Also, it can increase your fitness level. You can have a good travel since you have a correct training. 

Many riders often have separation of various disciplines. They separate barrel racer, cow horse, hunter-jumper, and dressage. It is very interesting to have many choices for the different interest of riders. Even though there are lots of choices, riders learn them. 

If horses have many activities, dressage training is a better discipline for them. It creates harmonious contact between horses and riders. So, use dressage training to train your horses. 

What dressage can do for riders?

It is important that riders learn the importance of dressage. Even though riders specializing their discipline, they should give time for it. Dressage training teaches riders about the basic fundamental skills for better movement. It is powerful when adding dressage into the riding program.

All disciplines use suppleness, transitions, circles, straight lines and more. Even though they ride with different posture, riders could still benefit. They can learn how to maximize the effectivity of their aids.

The following are the things that riders can enjoy dressage:


It is the main reason why there is a dressage training. In riding arenas, there is an explanation why phrases and words are popular. These terms are as forward, hind end engagement, and inside leg to outside rein. Although they are taught in technical dressage, they are still applicable to all kinds of riding practices.

Riders who exerted an effort of studying the principles of dressage will have the skills. With this, they can inform their endeavors in the future. Moreover, riders from different discipline use dressage for their daily riding practices. In both long- and short-term performance of the rider, understanding what to do can make a big difference. Also, when and why it is need to use a strategy or skill can make an impact. 

Use of Seat

When you encounter dressage, the word seat would come in your mind. The central teaching in dressage is the entire idea of using the saddle as the start and end of equilibrium, aiding and contact. Also, reactive rider is the result of having limited seat knowledge. Along with this, their balance is also at stake. 

It takes years of practice on how to maximize the use of the seat. Learning the proper use of the seat should be progressive. With this, horses can benefit the result of correct sitting.

Independent Aids

An important aspect of dressage is allowing riders to have an independent usage of aids. Thus, when the seat balances or asks for further interaction, the hands do not pull, but still contain the energy supplied to them sufficiently. The elbow could have softness but toned while the reins are not out. The seat will do its job. Although the legs remain inactive and on the sides of the horse until the supply of energy is enough.

It takes a lot of coordination that every part of body has an independent work. This may sound hard, but it is possible.


Many riders, with good reason, extend enough time on both connection and contact. In all activities, contact with horses is important. It is either the way you connect will break or make their lives. By connection, correcting the problems on riding and lameness have a high chance. 

This connection is beneficial to both riders and horses in long-term.

Quality Movement

Movement play a significant role in dressage. Also, it is necessary to any kind of horse activities. Good movement is what the riders want to achieve. Also, riders desired good gaits in every styles of riding. They want it whether in harness, at liberty or under saddle. Moreover, the quality of horses’ movement depends on how knowledgeable the riders.

Concepts of dressage is a significant necessity for all disciplines and horses. There could be a significant result if you add dressage to your riding activities. 

The difference between a Well-trained Horse and Quite Horse

For example, in a frightening situation, a quiet horse may become an unsafe horse to ride. But a well-trained horse would be better and will produce a condition-learned reaction.

Never allow someone dictates that you are wasting your time in dressage training. The training may take years but it is worth it. Horses may differ upon learning. Some might have a fast growth while the others are not, do not take it in a negative perspective. All horses are learning and benefiting the result of dressage.

To learn more about the benefit of dressage, watch this video:

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