Do Horses Eat Sugar Cubes

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Horse owners consider their horses pets and not livestock. Horse owners spend hours caring for their horses, and they often reward them with treats. Horses love sugar cubes, but are they really allowed to eat them?

Do Horses Eat Sugar Cubes?

Although sugar cubes are used primarily to sweeten drinks, many horse owners give them to their horses as treats. They aren’t the most healthy horse treats, but many horses love them. Some horses can be harmed by them.

Be careful when you give treats to horses, especially if they are sugary. Sugar cubes can be made from sugar that has been pressed into a cubic shape.

Learn all about the sweet treats before you give them to your horse.

Are Sugar Cubes Safe to Horses

Although most sugar cubes contain only sugar, they are safe for horses. Sugar cubes can be safe for horses if they are fed in moderation. Because they are small, horses can chew them and swallow them without fear of choking. (source)

Do Horses Like Sugar Cubes?

Many horses love sugar cubes, and will eat them if they are offered a sweet treat. Sugar cubes will not be enjoyed by some horses who are more picky.

Do Horses Eat Sugar Cubes

You can give your horse sugar cubes if he likes them. In case your horse gets loose and starts to eat food from your barn, make sure that you keep the sugar cubes safe

Are Sugar Cubes Safe for Horses?

Sugar cubes typically only contain sugar. They do not contain any nutrients or minerals that would be good for horses.

If sugar cubes are fed too often, they can lead to weight gain and gastrointestinal problems. Sugar cubes should not be given to horses as a treat. Many horse owners prefer to feed their horses healthier treats. (source)

How many sugar cubes can a horse have daily?

Horses should only consume three to four sugar cubes daily. This small amount combined with the horse’s large body weight causes only a slight spike in glucose levels.

This isn’t a problem for a healthy horse and should not cause any side effects. Sugar cubes should be avoided in horses that are overweight as they can lead to weight gain. (source)

Three Ideas for Using Sugar Cubes in Training

Horse treats such as sugar cubes can be used to aid in training horses. However, they should not exceed 3-4 per day. These are just a few of the ways sugar cubes can be used to train horses.

Putting Bridles On

Horses that are a bit shy of their heads may not want bridles on their heads. A sugar cube can be used as a reward if the horse allows you to put their bridle. The horse might eventually see the bridle more as a positive thing than something frightening.

Ear Shy horses

Horses may not like having their ears cut. You can treat your horse with a sugar cube after you’re done.

Positive Reinforcement Training Treats

To reinforce desired behaviors, you can give horses a few sugar cubes every day. You can reward simple things like listening to your commands or coming to you when called.

Are Sugar Cubes Safe for Horses?

Sugar cubes can cause serious health problems in horses that are suffering from insulin resistance, equine metabolism syndrome, or laminitis.

Sugar can increase insulin levels, which can make the illness worse or even cause irreversible damages. (source)

Sugar Cubes for Horses: Where can I get them?

Grocery Stores

Sugar cubes can be easily given to horses by most grocery stores. Make sure to read the label carefully to ensure that granulated sugar is the only ingredient.

Don’t worry if you can’t find sugar cubes in your area. You can order sugar cubes online and have them delivered right to your home!

Create your

Homemade Sugar Cubes


  • 1 Cup Granulated Sugar
  • 3 Teaspoons Water

In a bowl, pour water over the sugar. Mix sugar with a fork until it holds its shape when you push it gently.

Place the mixture in a parchment-lined baking pan. Spread the mixture evenly until it is half an inch thick. Cut into small, even squares. Cook 250 for one hour. Allow to cool, then break up! Keep in an airtight container. (source)

Side Effects

Sugar cubes should be fed in moderation to avoid any side effects in healthy horses. You should always monitor your horse’s behavior and body composition when you give them a new treat.

Sugar cubes can cause weight loss and small insulin spikes. These are not usually dangerous unless your horse has an insulin-related problem. Pay attention to changes in your horse’s demeanor, energy, and frequency of urination. If you have any concerns about your horse’s health, contact your veterinarian. (source)

Important Things to Remember

  1. All treats should be eaten in moderation.
  2. Limit your daily intake to 3-4 sugar cubes
  3. You should keep an eye on your horse for side effects.
  4. Horses with insulin-related diseases should not be fed sugar cubes.
  5. Horses shouldn’t be given sugar cubes if they are already enjoying a little bit.

Final Thoughts

Although sugar cubes are popular on many farms, they are not recommended for all horses. Sugar cubes are not good for horses, but they are delicious candy. Sugar cubes are OK for healthy horses if they don’t have insulin-related issues. Our horses deserve sweet treats every once in a while, just like we do.

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