Cremello Horse

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The Cremello horse

Cremelo horses are pure cream horses with a pale white tail and mane, unusually pink skin, and piercing blue eyes. These horses could be considered literal unicorns. Many people are unaware that cremello horses do not belong to a particular breed. Cremello can be given to any horse that shares these traits.

The color range of a cremello is from pale yellow to pale gold. Except for their legs, which may be darker than the rest of the body, cremello horses have no markings. Many people don’t know that Cremello horses have a base color of chestnut. The horse’s genes can make the chestnut a creamy white color depending on how it is bred.

Quarter horses, Shetland ponies and draft horses are the most popular breeds that can be made cremello.Table of Contents

  1. The Cremello horse
  2. Are Cremello Horses Albino?
  3. What’s a Palomino Horse?
  4. What’s a Perlino Horse, you ask?
  5. Are Cremello Horses Rare?
  6. Are Cremello Horses at Risk for Health?
  7. Cremello Horses Can Have Brown Eyes?
  8. Cremello horses can be in the sun?

Are Cremello Horses Albino?

Cremello horses certainly are not albino. There has never been an albino horse recorded in recorded history. Cremelo horses can be mistaken for albinos. Although their eyes are bright and their skin is pink, albinism is often caused by lack of pigmentation. Cremelo horses are not affected by this.

Cremello Horse

Important to remember that cremello horses may not be fully white. They have a more creamy colour than albinos, which lack any pigmentation, making them white like snow. This is very distinct from white as cream.

What’s a Palomino Horse?

Understanding colour genes is essential to understanding the behaviour of palomino horses. A cremello will always have a base color of red or chestnut. Creamy cremello is created when a horse is born with two genes that reduce cream.

A palomino horse is one with only one cream-dilution gene. This makes it more golden in colour. They do not have the second cream-dilution gene, which makes horses extra white. If two palomino horses are crossed, there is a 25% chance that the baby will have two cream dilution gene, making it full cremello.

As you can see, horse colour is determined by the unique genes of the parents horses. However, with careful breeding one can make horses in any colour they choose.

What’s a Perlino Horse, you ask?

Perlino horses are another type of cremello horse. Perlino horses have a colour similar to cremello. However, the perlino’s coat is darker than its cream-coloured counterpart.

A mix of a buckskin and a palomino is necessary to breed a perlino mare. This will double the colour of a bay horse. Perlino horses still have striking blue eyes and bright pink skin. They also have a creamy coat. It has a darker tail and mane.

The same breed is the source of cremello, palomino and perlino. All three horses are the same horse. They have different coats. All of them still have stunning blue eyes. They are all still magnificent. They have the same temperaments and health issues as each other, but they only have different colours.

Are Cremello Horses Rare?

Cremello horses may not be as common as you might think. You can have a cremello horse from any breed of horse. It all depends upon the genetics. Breeders who only want cremello horses can cross multiple animals until they produce a creamy-white horse.

This isn’t an easy task. Cremelo horses are not something that horse breeders want to spend a lot of time and effort on. Cremellos are rare and highly sought after. A cremello horse will cost you more than an average horse of the same breed.

A cremello mare can cost you up to $20,000 depending on her breed, pedigree and height. Or as low as $300. When purchasing a cremello mare, you should consider the same factors as when buying any other horse. The only difference is that rare colours will likely add some dollars to the final price.

Do Cremello Horses Have Health Problems?

A cremello horse does not belong to a particular breed. They don’t have health issues that are unique to their breed. They are just as healthy as any other breed. To keep your cremello horse healthy, you must still vaccinate them.

Cremello Horses Can Have Brown Eyes?

Cremello horses almost always have bright blue eyes. There are many shades of blue that horses can have. They may even have green eyes. Perlinos, on the other hand, are known for their amber eyes. A cremello horse with brown eyes is rare. It is not part of the horse’s genetic makeup.

A cremello horse may have very rare yellow, hazel or very light amber eyes. These eyes can appear brown under certain lighting conditions.

It’s interesting to see that other horse breeds, such as quarter horse or thoroughbred, can also have blue eyes.

Cremello horses can be in the sun?

Because cremello horses have a light coat, it is important to be cautious if you live in areas with high levels of sunshine. Although cremello horses can be from any breed, all have a tendency to get sunburned and skin problems. You don’t want your cremello horse to get burned in the sun or developing a skin condition.

You should provide proper roofing for your cremello horses to protect their skin from the sun. Horse sunscreen is highly recommended if you live in an area that experiences hot summers.

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