Birthday Cake for Horses: a No-Bake Horse Treat Recipe!

Last Updated on March 8, 2022 by Allison Price

Although horse owners may not know the exact date of their horse’s birthday, many choose to celebrate it. A big, delicious cake is the best horse birthday gift that you can share with your friend in the stall.

Cake for Horses

Here’s how to make a delicious no-bake apple and carrot horse cake. . . Your horse will love to eat it!

Horse Birthday Cake Ingredients:

Two cups of oatmeal (old-fashioned oats you can get at the supermarket will work fine)

Two cups horse sweet feed (or the horse’s favorite cereal)

One apple. You’ll need to slice the apple in slices.

Two carrots. Cut the carrots into small sticks and grate half of one.

One cup of molasses

Horse Cake Instructions:

Mix the sweet feed, molasses, oats, grated carrot, and sweet feed together in a large bowl.

Once you have mixed everything, the batter should be thick enough that you can shape it with your hands and keep it that way. You can add more sweet feed or oats to make the batter thicker. You can add more molasses to thin it out.

When the batter has reached the right consistency, you can shape your birthday cake. Place the batter on a plate. Use your hands to shape it into the desired shape.

After you have shaped your horse cake use the apple slices and the carrot sticks to decorate it. Open flames in barns or stables are not a good idea so this is a better option than using actual candles.

After it is done, place it in the refrigerator for a few hours before you serve it to your horse. Bonne appetite!

Allison Price
Allison Price

I’m Allison, born and raised in San Diego California, the earliest memory I have with horses was at my grandfather’s farm. I used to sit at the stable as a kid and hang out with my Papa while he was training the horses. When I was invited to watch a horse riding competition, I got so fascinated with riding!