Avoid Deterioration of Horse Stall Mats

Last Updated on March 11, 2022 by Allison Price

Question: I have stalls that were professionally mattened over crushed rock around 20 years ago, and others that were done approximately three years ago. The mats are starting to lift as the older ones have more bedding under them. What can I do to fix these mats? They were full 1″ and 3/4 inch mats. This is something I would also like to avoid with the newer stall mats. They are beginning to lift from the corners, so I cleaned them.

Answer: It’s wonderful to see that you do many things right. You have your mats placed on crushed rock which is the right sub-surface. You can hear that your mats have been around for 20 years, which is quite impressive. However, we can see why their use is now being diminished by the mat’s curling and heaving.

Deterioration of Horse Stall Mats

They’re curled because the rubber hasn’t gotten flat enough, which is why we think they do. Even if you remove the shavings they might continue to curl and you may have to replace them.

These are some ways to prevent the problem as long as you can:

  • Keep using a professional installation–professionals can get the mats tightest to each other and the wall.
  • Be sure to choose a major brand, as not all rubber mats are created equal. Some mats are made of lower quality materials and are more susceptible to curling. Before purchasing a product from a distributor, we like to speak directly with the manufacturer. They can offer a wealth knowledge.
  • Different types of footing can be experimented with. You are more likely than not to be able get through the mats with very fine shavings.
  • The mat should be installed below the door frame. Horses will often paw at the door and lift the mat over time.
  • Never reduce thickness to less than 3/4″
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