6 DIY Ways To Prevent Stall Boredom For Horses

Last Updated on February 21, 2022 by Allison Price

Horses would be free to roam freely in a pasture full of lush grass and plenty room to run. In reality, horses can be stalled due to a variety of reasons, including lifestyle, weather, or health. Horses can exhibit abnormal behavior when bored in stalls. This can lead to a negative psychological effect. While some horses are able to adapt and tolerate stall life, others will crib or paw at the ground. These are some clever tricks that will keep your horse’s brain happy while he is stalled.

Use a small mesh net

Horses spend most of their day foraging. A small mesh net is better than loose hay. This will keep your horse interested in taking out small pieces at a time, rather than consuming it all at once.

Hanging Kabob Treats

Your horse will be motivated most if it has food. There are many options for hanging treats toys. They are also a great DIY project. You just need a treat your horse likes and a rope. Drill down the cord if it is an apple. String the apple and any other treats through the rope. It’s like a macaroni necklace, but larger and more edible. The rope should be hung on the wall of the horse’s stall. Use a durable, thick rope.

Prevent Stall Boredom For Horses

Milk Jugs

Jolly Balls are very popular, but a horse toy can also be made easily. To help horse boredom, hang a few milk jugs on a rope. This is especially useful for young horses, as they will soon learn how to make noise and there is no stopping them. This will remind you of a puppy who just discovered their toy squeaks.


You want to keep your horse’s attention, so make sure they have a puzzle. Cut holes in a plastic milk jug or ice cream bucket. Place a few treats inside and hang it up on the wall. Your horse must figure out how to get the treats. This is a great way to let your horse be creative and show off your intelligence!


Hang a beach ball or basketball on a hay net high enough to keep your horse’s legs from getting tangled. You can toss the ball around and it won’t make too much noise. The ball can be used to rub the horses’ heads against it.

Rotating Salt Licks

Salt is essential for horses. Rotating salt licks can be a great choice for stalled horses. These stall-boring licks can help your horse to get enough salt, and also prevent stall boredom.

Even if your horse is in a stall for most of the day, it’s still important that they get out and move around. These tricks can make your horse’s stall more attractive. What toys do you have for your horse’s stall?

Allison Price
Allison Price

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