10 Fun Facts About Buckskin Horses

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We’ve been exploring the beauty and charm of black horses, palominoschestnuts, the joy of greys over the last few months. It’s no surprise that we love buckskin horses. There’s nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous buckskin. Continue reading to learn 10 facts about buckskin horses.

Facts About Buckskin Horses
  • A buckskin horse is a cream-colored horse with black points (mane, tail and ears), although the exact color of the body can vary. Some buckskins have a darker tan while others have a lighter cream color.
  • Buckskin is a bay horse with one copy of the cream genetic. Buckskin’s body color is lightened by the presence of the cream gene. The horse would be perlino if it had two copies the cream gene.
  • Buckskin is not the same as dun, but they are often used interchangeably. Cream gene does not control true dun.
  • Sometimes, horses with buck skin may have amber-colored eyes. This is also true for horses with palomino.
  • Dale Evans was the owner of Buttermilk, a buckskin horse. Buttermilk lived to be 30 years old.
  • The International Buckskin Horse Association was founded in 1971as an international registry for buckskin, grulla, and dun horses of a variety breeds. However, a large portion of horses are stock-type horses.
  • While primitive markings, such as a leg barring and dorsal stripe, are often associated with dun horses; buckskins rarely display these characteristics. However, this is not always true.
  • The buckskin color can be found in many breedsincluding the American Quarter Horse and the Andalusian, as well as the Morgan, the Morgan, Peruvian Paso and the Tennessee Walking Horse.
  • Buckskin horses are a long-standing part of TV Westerns, which include Ben Cartwright’s horse on Bonanza as well as Trampas’ horse on VirginianDances with WolvesThe Man From Snowy River (I) and HTML2_ have featured Buckskin horses.
  • A buckskin is the animated star of Spirit, Stallion de la Cimarron.

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