The Most Expensive Horse Breeds

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Every horse offers something unique. Whether they look pretty in a pasture or bring home bundles of prize money.

But even still, horseback riders, horse owners and investors… are willing to pay big amounts for certain kinds of horses. That is why the horse world is a luxurious lifestyle. And it’s impossible to not mind the dollar signs.

Some of the most expensive horse breeds are worth more than the average family home.

Knowing the worth of the horse is not an exact science. And there will always be deviations in how much a person is willing to spend.

But looking at the average prices, there are a few horse breeds that stand out as the most expensive.

Top 5 High-Priced Horse Breeds in the World

Here’s a look at some of the most expensive horse breeds in the world. From the costly to most costly:


It is one of the rarest horse breeds in the whole world. That is why it is in the list of the most expensive.

Akhal-Teke is the national horse of Turkmenistan. And there are more or less 8,000 of this in the world.

Aside from being an incredible endurance horse… the Akhal-Teke is best known for its beautiful coat. Looking at these gorgeous horses, they can be mistaken for being metallic. The special structure of their hair creates an incredible shine. This makes them stand out from any other horse breed.


The Arabian horse one of the oldest and most popular horse breeds. They have unique facial structure and graceful carriage.

Aside from their physical traits… they are also preferred for their willingness to work with humans. They respond well during trainings. And they show loyalty towards the people they care for.

Arabians are a versatile horse breed having both speed and endurance. They compete in various equestrian sports. They use this breed as a foundation to shape other horse breeds. The Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse are from Arabian bloodlines.

Dutch Warmblood

Looking for a performance breed that would bring you some serious money prize? A Dutch Warmblood can be your answer!

This is one of the most expensive horses in the world. Because this is one of the most successful competition breeds. This powerful horse is stylish and strong.

Most Dutch Warmblood horses are solid colored. And the colors include black, bay, gray, and chestnut. The physical traits of these horses are well-matched with easy temperaments. And it makes them a joy to work with!


According to historical documents, this breed has been around since 1200s. After centuries of breeding, Friesian horses are a common favorite among horse lovers.

The Friesian’s glossy black coat and high-stepping gait are noticed all over the world. They are also valued for their carefully bred temperaments. They are willing to learn, intelligent and friendly.

Rigorous breed standards and a high demand among serious equestrians. The well-bred Friesians don’t come cheap.


Thoroughbreds are best known for their incredible speed. They hold more racing world records than any other horse breed. They are stars on the track. And they also succeed in other equestrian sports like jumping and dressage.

Because of their fiery spirits, beginner riders may find them difficult horses. But for an experienced equestrian, Thoroughbreds can be a joy to ride and train.

A lot of the most famous horses around the world is a Thoroughbred. They are bred to be explosively fast and agile. Because of these traits and the potential to bring home the prize contribute to this breed’s high price tag.

Other Most Expensive Horse Breeds

The most expensive horses are admired for their appearance, gentleness and intelligence. Each breed has distinct qualities. And prices vary greatly.

Horses can be an indulgence, a family tradition, a business venture. Or a costly hobby, a necessity for farmers and ranchers. Some horses are bred for speed. Others are bred for function, strength and stamina.

So, here are other most expensive horse breeds in the world aside from the ones above:

Selle Francais. This French sport horse was acknowledged as a unique breed in 1958… after several centuries of cross-breeding. This is also known as a French Saddle Horse. They are usually bay or chestnut. White markings on lower legs are common. They show jumpers, intelligent and athletic. Selle Francais horses also perform well in other categories. And some have become Olympic and Grand Prix performers.

Standardbred. The world recognizes the American Standardbred. This breed is noted for its harness-racing ability, either at a pace or a trot. Standardbreds also compete in other show events. And they are usually used for pleasure riding. They are heavier than Thoroughbreds. Because of their long, muscular bodies with powerful shoulders… and hindquarters and strong legs. They are very cooperative. And good for beginners.

Hanoverian. Hanoverians are elegant. They are bred to be trainable. They are fairly large, about 16-16.2 hands. With strong limbs and backs and a powerful body. Hanoverians are athletic steeds. And they show hunters with unique form. This breed is distinguished in show jumping and dressage.

Oldenburg. This breed gained the notoriety as elegant riding and carriage horses. Today, Oldenburgs are jumper stars in world competition. And they perform well in high-level dressage. In the physical aspect, an Oldenburg is compact but powerful. With short legs, a long neck, deep chest and large hooves. They are usually black, brown or gray. And they show calm demeanor.

Holsteiner. This breed in uncommon. But it is known for its great performance ability. A natural and effortless affinity for jumping, dressage and eventing. This is also known for its good personality. Originally, they are bred as a multi-purpose utility horse. It is a warmblood horse with powerful and elegant characteristics. It is a light horse breed, usually under 1500 pounds. And is well-used for trail riding. Holsteiners are also in for ranch work. And you can take them to the racetrack or show ring with equal ease.

Andalusian. The Spanish Andalusian is also known as the Pure Spanish bread. They are sensitive, smart, agile and docile. Its dramatic appearance complements its natural performance skills. Andalusians are proficient in classical dressage. They are used for bullfighting and as stock horses and sometimes as war horses.


These are the horses that cost more than a house. Or a car and maybe everything you own. They are the most expensive horse breeds around the world. Some are rare. And each one has distinct quality that makes them stand-out and price-w

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