Why Does My Horse Drag His Hind Feet?

Last Updated on February 22, 2022 by Allison Price

Farrier Jodhi beard explains why your horse dragged his feet and what you can do to fix it.

Why does my horse drag his hind foot?

There are many reasons horses drag their hind feet, but the most important factors are the rider and the horse’s conformation.

Horses can choose to have a high limb carriage or a low limb carriage. This is the path that the horse’s limb follows as it moves through its stride.

Low limb carriage can lead to dragging of the foot. This can be caused by low heel and long toe foot conformation.

A contributing factor is also excessive toe wall thickness.

Why Does My Horse Drag His Hind Feet?

What are the causes of my horse’s dragging feet?

Horses can become hesitant to walk correctly if they have an injury such as curb (sprain or rupture of the plantar ligament).

He may be uncomfortable if he doesn’t want to engage his hindend correctly. Any lameness or discomfort he feels will cause him to trample his feet, particularly if he has bone spavin.

You may also have some control over the causes of your horse’s toe drag.

If your horse is unfit or tired, or if he isn’t using the right aids, or if he isn’t being worked on a correct contact, it could encourage him to be lazy.

It’s important to have your horse examined by a veterinarian. This will ensure that your horse is comfortable in his back, and that the saddle fits properly.

These issues could also make it more difficult for the patient to use his hind legs correctly.

Talk to your vet and farrier if you are concerned. They will be able to confirm the cause of the problem and help you to find the best treatment.

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