Why Do Wild Horses Not Need Shoes?

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Wild horses are animals that live in total freedom and have no contact with humans or other domesticated horses.

Wild horses are horses that have been bred from domestic horses and returned to their natural habitats after being abandoned or escaped. These horses are able to adapt very well to the natural world.

Their situation should not be confused with the Tarpan breed or Przewalski’s horse. This is because it is not completely proven that they are the same species as the horse, and that they were never domesticated.

Why do wild horses not need shoes? The main reason wild horses don’t require shoes is because they run a lot and wear down their hooves. They don’t need to walk on concrete or roads like domestic horses.

Horseshoes for domestic horses are essential to prevent injuries, protect their hooves, improve performance, and make them more productive in their activities.

Wild horses can also control their wear and balance when they travel through soft, hard and rocky terrain.

These regulations are lengthy, while the life span of wild horses is often shorter.

Why Do Wild Horses Not Need Shoes

The interaction of a horse and terrain (soft, hard abrasive or stony), weight, conformation, quality, quantity, and quality (gaits), determines whether hoof protection is necessary.

Other environmental factors must also be identified. Quality and quantity of food are essential for hoof growth. Humidity of the soil and environment are important as helmets can be stronger when they are dry.


It is not necessary to correct the feet. You can start to shoe it as soon as it starts to mount.

Why should horses be shod?

It is also braided to protect bones, cartilage and joints from possible injury.

Is it possible to ride a horse barefoot?

How often should horses be shod?

Horses should be shod every 40 to 50 days. Over time, the hoof can become too big and the feet lose their balance and poise.

In the end, this can lead to irreversible injuries.

Conclusion: Wild horses don’t need shoes

Wild horses can travel long distances without protection for their hooves.

Wild horses can walk with no horseshoes, which is a significant advantage over domestic horses.

These activities include carrying a rider, galloping along asphalt, spending long hours in stables, pulling heavyweights, and many other activities that aren’t natural for these animals. This causes stress and more wear and tear to their limbs.

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