What’s A Group Of Horses Called?

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A group of horses grazing in the wilderness is a stunning sight! With their graceful manes, and exquisite movements, these magnificent horses look almost mythical. What is a group of horses and how does it interact with one another?

Horses are known for sticking together when they’re in a group. If you have ever seen them in the wild, it’s likely that you have. Domestic horses have a similar behavior, and they form close relationships and bonds in the barn and paddock. Let’s learn everything we can about horse groups!

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What is a Group Of Horses Called?

There is no simple answer, as with all things horse-related. There are many names that can be used to describe groups of horses depending on their type and the circumstances they are kept in. These are some of the most common names for a horse group:

  • Herd Of Horses

A herd is the most common term used to describe a group or horse. A herd is a group of horses that live in their natural environment. This is a herd of horses that live in their natural state.

  • Team Of Horses

When horses work in a group, they are called a “team”. This could refer to horses pulling a tractor or pulling a plow. When horses compete in competitive events as a team, they are called a “team”.

  • Stud Of Horses

A stud of horses refers to a group of horses that are only kept for breeding purposes.

  • Rag Of Horses

A rag of horses refers to a group of young male horses known as colts.

  • String Of Horses

A string of horses refers to a group of horses owned or used by one individual or organization. A string of horses could be a group of horses that are part of a showjumping or racing trainer.

  • Harras Of Horses

Harras is an ancient word that used to describe a group or horses. Although the term harras has been dropped from popular usage, it is still used on ranches across the US.

  • Stable Of Horses

A stable of horses refers to a group of horses that are kept in the same barn or stableyard. This name could be associated with a specific rider, trainer, owner, or other individual.

  • Troop Of Horses

A troop of horses can be defined as a group of horses that serve in the military or guard the horses. A troop of horses is a group that serves in the military or as horse guards.

How Big is a Herd Of Horses?

Herds of horses can roam over large areas of land in a wild state. Although it is possible for multiple herds to coexist in the same territory or area, they are unlikely to interact or cross paths.

A herd of wild horses usually consists of one or two mares and their offspring. A herd of wild horses will usually have one or two stallions.

What’s A Group Of Horses Called?

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The size of a horse herd varies depending on their social and physical environment. There are usually 8 mares per stallion plus their offspring. A herd could consist of up to 20 horses.

Horse Group Dynamics Explained

It is amazing to see how horses interact with each other. The complex social structure of horses is fascinating. Each horse plays a different part. Let’s look at the dynamics of a wild horse herd:

  • The Stallion

The entire male horse or stallion is the guardian and protector of the herd. They are also responsible for the reproduction of the mares and their immunization during the breeding season.

He must fight for his place in the herd. He will be threatened by other stallions during breeding season. He will try to join a bachelor or new herd if he is removed from the herd.

Stallions are usually part of a herd for around two years. Sometimes, they may serve as guardians and protectors of the herd for up to ten years.

  • The Alpha Mare

The alpha mare leads the herd. It is rare for an alpha mare to be re-elected, and she will stay with the herd her entire life.

Her dominant nature and experience make her an older mare. Although she is not the strongest or largest mare in the herd, the alpha mare will always be the one making decisions and keeping the herd under control.

If you have a domesticated mare, it will become the dominant mare in your paddock. She will decide when and where other horses can graze, sleep, and relax.

  • Colts

Because there are only one to two stallions per herd, colt foals cannot stay with the herd until they are old enough to live on their own. They will form a group of male horses and leave the herd. This is known as a bachelor herd.

  • Fillies

Some young female horses will remain with their dams, so they are not necessarily removed from the herd. This is not always an issue, as the mare will likely be replaced by a stallion at some point to prevent her from being bred by her sire.

Fillies are more likely to leave their mother herd and join a different herd. They might also join a whole male from the bachelor herd to form a new herd.


As we have seen, a herd is a group of wild horses. You can refer to domesticated horses as teams, studs or rags as well as many other names. A herd of horses in the wild has a complex and intricate social structure. Herd dynamics change constantly.

We would love to hear from you about your experiences. Have you ever seen horses free in the wild? Maybe you have a name for the horses that live in your yard. Leave a comment and we’ll get back with you!

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