What You Need to Know About Riding Double

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Many novice riders are curious if it is okay to ride two horses. There are many factors that can affect the answer to this question. We will discuss all the reasons why you shouldn’t ride twice and give examples of when it might be okay. Continue reading to find out more.

Riding Double

Why not ride double?

There are many reasons why riders and horses can be put at risk by riding twice. These are some of the reasons:


Two people riding on the back of a horse are likely to have different weights. The horse’s lumbar area, which is his weakest region, is where the person in the back places most of their weight. Double riding can cause pain and injury to your horse.


Horses can become off-balance if they are overweight and distributed unevenly. This can increase the chance that your horse will trip, fall, or stumble.


Too much weight can make your horse tired. You also increase the risk of your horse having an accident or falling.


Moving at a slow pace may be okay for some horses, but if your horse is ridden twice, it’s very likely that your horse will buck if you speed up to a trot/canter.


You will be able to recognize the subtle movements of your horse if you are a competent rider. Your horse will receive many confusing signals if you have two riders riding on the same horse.


You lose a lot of control over your horse when you ride twice. You will be more dependent on the signaling of the reins, and less on the signals from the shifting of your weight or the use of your legs.


If you are riding double, it is possible for the person in the back to have their legs hanging down near the horse’s flanks. Horses’ flanks are extremely sensitive and could become agitated if they come in contact with them. Horses and riders can be seriously injured by this.Gorgeous horses in the grassland Play Video


You and your horse will be both distracted and tired if you are riding twice. Because your horse will be trying to interpret all signals, you may have difficulty communicating with your horse.


If the riders cannot sit in the saddle together, the rider behind the saddle is not protected by good stirrups. This can be dangerous for children.


It can be more dangerous to ride double with a child than with an adult. You may have to be able to communicate with your horse through the reins if a child is riding behind you. Children riding behind the saddle run the risk of being thrown off.

It’s wrong to ride double on a horse –

You can do the opposite by watching the video. It is not recommended that two grown men ride double on a medium-sized horse and saddled with a saddle. These two men pretend to show you how to ride twice on a medium-sized horse. Take a look at their actions and do the opposite.

The horse is just right for one of these men. A full-grown man sitting behind the horse’s saddle puts strain on its hindquarters. The horse’s flanks are also exposed by the man’s long legs, boots with spurs and boots.

The fact that he slipped off the horse’s rump after the ride is over speaks volumes about these riders’ inept horsemanship skills. He was very fortunate not to get kicked in his stomach.


Is it ever okay to ride twice?

If you’re an experienced rider, and your horse is stable and trustworthy in a controlled environment, it can be a great way to get your child used to riding.

It can even be a great way to teach your child how to rein and communicate with your horse by using body movements.

You can ride with a western saddle so your child can securely hold onto the saddle horn. This will allow you to watch your child and keep him steady at all times. This is a great way to show your child how to ride. This can be a great way to introduce children with disabilities to riding.

This video shows how a trusted horse and an experienced rider can help a child learn to ride. The child may be a bit too big to do this activity, but the horse seems to enjoy it. These riders are riding in an enclosed arena with sandy, soft footing. The helmet is worn by the child.


The video below shows a couple of young riders enjoying a ride in the barnyard on a strong, calm horse. The light-weight girls riding bareback are not too heavy for such a large, powerful horse.

A saddle is not necessary to ride without the weight of the horse. This would allow the horse to move more forward, which means that the pressure on the horse’s lumbar region wouldn’t be as great. However, this long ride is not recommended. These girls should wear long pants, jeans, and shoes.



It’s okay to ride short doubles occasionally, provided:

  • Either you ride bareback, or both of you can fit comfortably in the saddle.
  • Your horse is strong and large enough to transport you two comfortably.
  • You feel safe and secure in your familiar surroundings.
  • Your horse is quiet, calm, and reliable.
  • You are an experienced rider.

Young riders can have a lot of fun riding double and it shouldn’t be dismissed. Horse and rider safety is paramount.

Allison Price
Allison Price

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