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True horse lovers will know what a heart horse looks like!

Some riders spend their entire lives searching for the right horse. This horse is unlike any other you have ever owned. Although they may not be the most well-trained or expensive, this horse will change your life. He may be missing, or you might have found him in your youth. A heart horse is something to treasure and long for.

Horse lovers invented the term “heart horse” This term describes the desire to find a horse who is like your soul mate. This four-legged friend is unconditionally loved by you. They seem to understand you. You work hard together and are proud of your achievements. There seems to be mutual respect and admiration.


This could be said about a lot horses, but it isn’t true for a heart horse. They are a rare horse. They were meant to be together! This horse is something you will treasure above all others. Together, you will conquer the world.

Don’t let this fool you! Heart horses are not always easy. They are often far from perfect. Despite the setbacks and struggles, it’s not always about the wins. Sometimes it is the journey and learning together that matters most. We love our children because of their unique personality traits.

What signs are there that you have found your horse of choice?

  • The priceless: It doesn’t matter how much you spent on the horse. They are your love and you can’t measure it in dollars. You cannot sell them for any amount of money. You would do anything to pay for their expenses.
  • Keep your thoughts focused on This horse will be with you always. Although you may be able to ride several horses, this horse is what you think about the most at the end.
  • You can feel whole again: Your life is harmonious when you ride this horse. You might have had a few months of downtime or lost interest in the barn… these horses are the spark you need to get excited!
  • They do their best. No matter what you ask, they will try! Although you may both fail, a heart horse will always be there for you. They have your back!
  • There are endless learning opportunities Both you and your partner are always growing. You will learn things such as compassion, unconditional love, loyalty, and empathy.
  • Search for you: Although it can be difficult, the heart horse almost always finds us. Although you can search and search endlessly, they are likely to be there when you least expect them.

Although we may be called foolish or silly, heart horses are real. Do not lose heart in the possibility of finding that horse once in a lifetime. Keep your eyes open and be optimistic, because you never know when they will knock at your door. Never let them go, even if they do.

Allison Price
Allison Price

I’m Allison, born and raised in San Diego California, the earliest memory I have with horses was at my grandfather’s farm. I used to sit at the stable as a kid and hang out with my Papa while he was training the horses. When I was invited to watch a horse riding competition, I got so fascinated with riding!