Strongest Horse Breeds In The World

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Horses are strong. That is something we all know. Do you know which horse breeds have the most strength? We have compiled a list of some of the strongest and most powerful horse breeds around the globe. Take a look at the list and be amazed.

Strongest Horse


The wild horse is found in the west part of the United States of America. These horses are a result of Iberia and became very popular in the US due to their strength, agility, and speed.

  • Height: 14-15 hands
  • Weight: 700-800 pounds


The Arabian horse is a stunning looking horse that originated in the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian horse is not only powerful and elegant, but it is also very strong. This horse is a stunning and powerful horse with incredible stamina.

  • Height 14.1 to 15.1 Hands
  • Weight:800 – 1,000 Pounds


The Suffolk Horse (also known as Suffolk Punch) is one of the most heavy-draught horses. They were used to pull heavy loads and farm work. The compact, powerful body has a strong and powerful neck.

  • Height16.1 to 17.
  • Weight1,980 to 2200 Pounds

Belgian Draft

Belgian Draft is a breed of draft dog that originated in the Brabant region, Belgium. It is large in body but gentle in nature. It is believed that it has a direct lineage with the medieval “Great horses”.

  • Height15.3-18
  • Weight: 1,800-2,200 pounds

American Cream Draft Horse

This horse is the last American-made draft horse. This horse is easily identifiable by its cream-colored hair. This breed is calm and well-mannered.

  • Height15-16.3 Hands
  • Weight:1600-1600 – 1800 lbs

American Paint

American Paint horses have a strong, well-balanced physique. These horses can be ridden by riders of any age and level. An American Paint horse can be identified by its distinctive colored spots.

  • Height14 hands up to 16 hands
  • Weight:950 – 1,200 Pounds


This horse breed, which is a descendant of the Huisne valley in France, is one of the strongest draft horses you will find. Before becoming a sport horse, it was once used as warhorse.

  • Height15 hands to 18 hands
  • Weight1,800-2,600 Pounds

Dutch Draft

The Dutch Draft is a Belgian breed. It is large in stature and calm in temperament. It is strong because of its stamina.

  • Height15 hands to 17.
  • Weight1,550 to 1,650 Pounds

Shire horse

It is a huge horse with a large build. This horse has been called the biggest and tallest in the world a number of times. It can be used to pull heavy loads and as a farm horse.

  • Height16.2 hands up to 17.3 hands
  • Weight1870 to 2240 pounds


Horses from Clydesdale are large in stature. This horse is a draft horse, and is gentle. Budweiser ads are responsible for the largest number of Clydesdales in America.

Allison Price
Allison Price

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