Semen Storage: The Benefits of Freezing Semen

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 by Allison Price

Your breeding program will benefit greatly from the ability to freeze your stallion’s semen. This includes the possibility for your mares to be bred in any area without being over-used. We will be discussing the benefits of freezing your semen in this article.

Frozen Semen: The Advantages

There are many benefits to freezing your semen. Your stallion can freeze his semen for future use so that he can compete in the arena while also covering mares around the globe via artificial insemination. This allows him to keep his competitive career going and reduces the potential for over-use.

Semen Storage

Artificial insemination allows your mare’s stallion to use his semen at the most successful time of her cycle. Your stallion’s bloodlines can be maintained in case of death or injury by careful semen management.

Storing and Collecting Frozen Semen

Stallions will most likely freeze. Some stallions will be more successful than others. To determine your horse’s success rate, it is important to conduct a fertility evaluation before you freeze and store semen.

Stallions used for artificial insemination are more likely to freeze well. Stallions that have not been used for breeding, or are only used as live cover may need to be prepared in order to increase semen count, quality, and motility.

Our breeding centre in Hatton Vale in Queensland keeps frozen semen in nitrogen tanks. This ensures that it is viable for a long time. Our practice has used frozen semen for more than 20 years. We continue to have a high fertility rate with frozen semen.

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