Mount from the Right

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Allison Price

Your horse will allow you to mount or dismount from either side. It is just a tradition to mount from the left. Learn why your horse should allow you to mount from either side of the trail.

Your horse will allow you to mount or dismount from either side. It is a tradition to mount from the left. So that their swords wouldn’t hurt their horses’ backs, soldiers would mount their horses on their left sides.

You’re not going into battle, but you’re trail riding. You should make sure that your horse is comfortable when you mount and dismount on each side. There’s always a chance that you will encounter a rock cliff, a hole in the ground, or another trail hazard. Your horse will benefit from alternate sides because he can use the muscles on both his right and left spines equally.

Here are some steps to help your horse feel comfortable with right (offside) side mounting. (1) Ask him to come to a halt and then ask him to walk in the opposite direction. (2) Once he is calm, place your left foot in the right stirrup. (4) If your horse does not seem concerned, you can step into the stirrup and let your left foot rest on the ground. (5) If your horse seems calm, gently lower your left leg and swing your left leg across the saddle. (7) Continue your off-side mount and dismount until your horse feels good.

Allison Price
Allison Price

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