Karabakh Horse

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Information about the Karabakh Horse

The Karabakh horse is a rare breed that originated in Azerbaijan, Asia. This breed is extremely old and shares many of the same ancestral genes as the Akhal-Teke horse from Turkmenistan. The Karabakh horse is a strong and small mountain horse and is used for endurance races and other purposes. The sad truth is that there are fewer pure-bred Karabakh horses today than ever before. You can now find horses with a high Karabakh percentage because the original Karabakh was bred over time with Akhal Teke and Karbadiner, Arabians, and the now extinct Turkoman Horse.

Karabakh Horse


Karabakh is the oldest horse breed of Azerbaijan. It comes from the Karabakh steppes and mountains. The breed has been influenced in recent years by AkhalTekkines, Persian Arabians, and the Arabian. Other breeds have also used the Karabakh, such as the Don horse or the Kabardin. The Don horse and the Kabardin. Recent violence between Armenia and Azerbaijan has caused severe damage to the breed.


Karabakhs can be fast and agile horses. They are also very sturdy, tough and durable. They are strong, agile and able-footed as mountain horses. As steppe horses, they excel in speed and endurance.


Karabakh horses are used primarily for horse racing in their homeland, but they were originally used as pack and riding horses. They are both stable and strong endurance horses and make great leisure partners.

Situation of the endangered Karabakh Horse

Due to its status as a breed in Europe and abroad, the Karabakh Horse is not officially listed as endangered. DAD-IS says: “Breeding activities in Azerbaijan to improve the local genetic resources for horses.” Agdam horse-breeding facility was established for this purpose. The Agdam horse-breeding facility had 120 horses by 2002, with 39 pedigree mares.

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