Is Horse Meat Halal?

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Each religion allows or prohibits certain things. Although we are taught what is allowed and prohibited from birth, some things need to be clarified at some point.

Is Horse Meat Halal

We will be discussing whether horse meat is halal according to Islam. Let’s talk about meat in general. Muslims and Christians are often seen eating meat without hesitation. Christians don’t care if the meat they eat almost every day is allowed, but Muslims are more selective.

They only hunt and eat certain animals, leaving the rest to eat, usually saying “it is haram”. Many of you may not have heard of a Muslim telling their Muslim friends they just had horse meat.

Is horsemeat halal in Islam?

It’s permissible. It’s permissible for Muslims to eat horse meat, but it is “Makruh”, according to Islam’s teachings. It is permissible to eat horse meat, but moderation and avoidance are recommended.

My Muslim readers are familiar with the terms “Halal”, Haram, and Makruh. However, non-muslims may have trouble understanding these terms so I’ll first define them. Then we’ll move on to today’s topic.

What’s the difference between “Halal”, Haram, and Makruh?

Arabic words with different meanings include “Halal”, “Haram” and ” Makruh”. The term Halal is permissible. Haram, prohibited.

This might make sense now, Makruh is a term that means one can eat horse meat but GOD does not like it. You probably haven’t seen a Muslim eat horse meat.

Horse meat is not considered a sin

Eating horsemeat is not the same thing as eating pork. However, it shouldn’t be a reason to avoid it as it doesn’t belong on the list of things God loves. It is considered better than the meat of a domestic donkey by the last Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Some Muslim Scholars believe that horse meat is safe as long as it’s not Haram or Makrah.

Some Muslim scholars believe it is okay to eat horsemeat, as their Holy Book Quraan provides guidelines for its followers in this regard.

“O ye who are a believer! Enjoy the goodness we have given you and be thankful to Allah, if He is the one ye worship. Allah has only forbid you dead meat, blood, and flesh of swine. If one is forced to do so by necessity and without willful disobedience or transgression of due limits, he is not guilty. Allah is Most Merciful and Forgiving.”

This is supported by scholars who say that the GOD commands us not to eat swine flesh, carrion or any animal killed in the name of an idol pagan. The ayah does not mention the horse, so it is included in the list of permissible items.

There are many quotes in the authentic Islamic book Sahih al Bukhari that support the notion of horse meat as halal.

The Sahih Al Bukhari, the most authentic Islamic text, is a favorite of Muslims from almost all corners of the globe. They look forward to it as their guide after Quraan.

  • “Horse meat can be eaten, the Prophet(PBUH), permitted it in his statement narrated by Jabbir Bin Abdillah(RA). The Prophet(PBUH), forbade eating domesticated donkeys on the day Khaybar but he allowed horses.”
  • “We killed a horse in the time of Prophet (PBUH), and we ate it while we were in Madinah.”

Horse meat can be consumed in an Islamic country

Horse meat is not considered “Haram”, but rather belongs in the “Makruh list”. It should be avoided, though it can be enjoyed. Although horses are not allowed to be slaughtered in all Islamic countries or states, Kazakhstan, which is an Islamic country, does use horse meat to delight its guests. These are the famous Kazakhstani horse meat dishes:

  • Beshbarmak
  • Kazy
  • Kuurdak

Kazaks are “really” aware that it’s Makruh so they don’t add horse meat. There are very few dishes made only with horse meat. Horse meat dishes can only be served to guests who have ordered it.

Muslims do not eat

There are many Hadiths and Quraani ayah about what is permissible and what is not. However, a group Muslim considers it ” Halal”. In Sahih Al Bukhari, it is mentioned that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) allowed horse meat while the other two considered it “Makruh” in their debates.

Although the Holy Quraan provides complete instructions to its readers, it is difficult for ordinary people to comprehend its language, meanings and terms. This debate is mainly due to the inability of Muslims to properly understand the teaching.

The behavior of Muslims towards Horse

Muslims love animals (Goats and sheep, camel, etc.) that were recommended and eaten by their Prophet(PBUH). Some Muslims don’t mind eating Pork (which is also Makruh), but most Muslims avoid killing horses to obtain horse meat.


There are two opinions on horse meat consumption. One group considers it “Halal”, while others call it “Makruh.” However, Muslims generally avoid horse meat. Horse meat is not allowed in restaurants in Kazakhstan, but it can be ordered.

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