What Is A Wither Strap?

Wither straps are an adjustable leather strap that rests in front of the saddle. It is near the horse’s withers to hold the breast collar up in the perfect position. … Read more

Can Horses Have Fleas?

Fleas and ticks are not pleasant and nobody wants them. It’s not impossible for horses to get fleas. But it is unusual. Most of the time, healthy horses can resist … Read more

All About Raising Horses

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All About Horses

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Reasons Why Horses Nudge

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Honey for Horses

Honey has been used as both food and medicine since ancient times. It’s very high in beneficial plant compounds. It offers several health benefits. Particularly, honey is healthy when used … Read more

Friesian Horse

The Friesian is a breed of horses from Friesland, The Netherlands. While the conformation resembles a light draught horse, Friesians are agile and nimble.  The Friesian is an ancient, medieval … Read more

Can Horses Eat Cucumbers

Horses are herbivores and their digestive tracts don’t need meat for them to survive. They have distinct digestive systems that mean they can digest all plants and grass as well. … Read more