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Riding boots are an essential component of equestrian attire. Each piece is then designed for hacking out, and schooling. It is also for doing yard work, or competition riding. A good pair of riding boots is a necessity for a rider’s safety, comfort, and correct seating position. They help to increase your control over your horse. This makes it a crucial piece of equipment for horse riding.

Here are five horse riding boots opted by equestrians:

5 Best Boots for Riding Horses

Ariat Men’s Heritage Roper Horseback Riding Boots

This specific boot was then named the best riding boots from the popular brand, Ariat. Ariat boots are usually made from durable leather with Duratread sole. It got square toe design, tonal stitching, and a hand embossed logo on the counter. It got a moisture wick footbed and gel cushioning that is for extra shock absorption.

You will fall in love with Ariat Men’s Heritage Roper Western Cowboy Boots in an instant.  It is simple, rugged, stylish, and best for all-around wear. They are then built to meet the demands of ranching and rodeo. With decades of innovation and quality, they’re engineered for performance, comfort, and durability.

Product DetailsMoisture-wicking comfortable and dry footbed Gel-cushioned for extra shock absorption and feedback Lightweight yet durable construction with stable forked shank Resistance and traction thanks to Duratread outsole
Pros: High quality Leather construction Durable Comfortable Shock absorption CushionedCons: Stiff construction can chafe

Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boots

These boots are usually made from full-grain leather with contrast patent detailing. Its stylish and elegant features are for performance and comfort. It has a tempered steel shank that provides stability and support. The full-length YKK zipper is reliable and secure. With flex-notch technology on board, these boots support the ankle in moving freely.

Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boot is also perfect for people with flat feet. The leather is soft and comfortable. With distinctive features, you can never go wrong with these boots.

Product DetailsFull grain leather construction Flex notch flexible ankle technology Tempered steel shank for extra stability Responsive and durable grip
Pros: Stable Quality leather Flexible Responsive Durable ElegantCons: expensive

Derby Men’s Lined Rubber Boot

These popular and streamlined men’s boots are then molded from Black PVC with no outside seams. Derby boots are usually styled for a show appearance. It adds a touch of elegance to any equestrian outfit. They were then fitted with a comfortable moisture-wicking lining. So if you’re getting hot under pressure in the ring, there’s no need to sweat it!

Product DetailsMolded PVC with no external seams Styled for a show appearance Lined to absorb moisture and wick sweat Waterproof and durable construction
Pros: Comfortable Durable Moisture wicking Seamless construction Weatherproof Stylish and elegantCons: Whole not half sizes only

TuffRider Men’s Baroque Dress Boot

These elegant and stylish inspired Baroque equestrian boots are perfect for male riders. They’re from the brand TuffRider. They look a lot more expensive than their point would suggest. These features include a round toe, a Spanish top, and a back zipper with snap closure for added security. TuffRider provides comfort as well as freedom of movement with elastic side gussets. Products are available in black. It includes a comfortable memory foam footbed and a durable rubber outsole.

The quality of the leather on these TuffRider Men’s Baroque Dress Boots is remarkable. Absolutely top-notch leather. Many times better than what you will expect for the price. In fact, the leather lining on the inside of the boot is so soft that it feels like foam. There is a memory foam insole as well. The boots are great!

Product DetailsBeautiful leather boots with Spanish top design Secure back zipper with extra snap closure Contoured and flexible ankle design with stretch elastic gusset Comfortable memory foam footbed.
Pros: Comfortable Durable Snap closure Secure fit Contoured design Flexible fitCons: Run small to size

TuffRider Men’s Lexington Horse Riding Boots

TuffRider Lexington equestrian boots are attractive but also functional. It is the perfect boots for wet weather conditions. It is 100% waterproof both inside and out. This horse riding boots feature a drawstring closure along with elasticated gussets. TuffRider has sturdy and reliable rubber soles. This makes your feet comfortable and secure in any wet weather conditions. Their products are available in gorgeous chocolate and fawn-colored design. It has a combination of both leather and suede with men’s round toe boot, perfect for country living.

TurfRider’s Lexington Boots are best for handling horses, herding goats, mucking paddocks, feeding. These are also good for hunting, hiking, driving the tractor, gardening. You name it. You’ve gone through sand, grass, briars, mud, and standing water, and your feet are still dry. Your legs aren’t cut up by underbrush. They will clean up well enough to run to the store.

Product DetailsLeather and suede design Drawstring closure and elastic gussets Round toe design is comfortable and easy to wear Sturdy and reliable rubber sole with dependable grip
Pros: Comfortable Durable Waterproof Adjustable Traction support Secure fitCons: Tough leather construction

Choosing the Perfect Boots

Boots made especially for riding come in different styles. Whatever style you choose, a riding boot needs have a small tread and a heel that is about 1 in. (2.5cm) to 1 ½ in. high. This helps prevent your boot from slipping through the stirrup. Boots with thick or heavy treads are unsuitable for riding. Yet, it may be suitable for working in the stable. These boots tend to be wide, with a big boxy toe and may get caught on the sides of the stirrup. It has a lot of grip, which is good while you’re hiking but will make it harder to slide your foot in and out of the stirrup.

Horse Riding Boots for Beginners

If you are new to horse riding, you don’t need to invest in a pair of expensive riding boots. There are plenty of low-cost riding boots on the market that are perfect for beginners. All you need to make sure is that you are going to be safe from the onset, even if you plan to never get back on a horse again.

Although it is tempting to reach for your trusty trainers, these should be then avoided at all costs. Its shoe styles are completely impractical when it comes to horse riding. It doesn’t have a heel that is always needed to secure riding positioning and to hold onto the stirrups. Also, the tread of your footwear doesn’t need to be deep. If it is, it can catch on the stirrups and pull your foot in the wrong direction. Some wellies are best avoided due to the depth of the tread. Footwear with no grip can pose a real danger when horse riding. If worn, your foot may slip through the stirrup, trapping the rider’s leg.

Types of Horse Riding Boots

Long Riding Boots

This is sometimes referred to as ‘tall’ riding boots. These are the standard competition footwear for adult riders. It has the traditional style of English riding footwear. It has three styles, the field boot, the dress boot and the hunt boot. All long riding boots share similarities in length. But, they vary in fit, aesthetics and functionality. LifeStride Women’s Riding Boot has you covered. It has the most current looks and must-have styles.

Field Boots

Field riding boots are usually favored by riders of horse riding. These are show jumping, event jumping, and even hunting. The extra comfort is then provided by the lace-up closure. This comes into play when rider’s need to shorten their stirrups to get into their jumping position. Muck Wetland Rubber Field Boots is a favorite of waterfowlers. It is also chosen by anyone who shovels snow or works outdoors while riding.

Dress Boot

A long formal boot favored by competitive dressage rider and show jumpers. Dress boots are black in color and made of leather. Rubber and synthetic dress boots are available for riders with tighter budget. Most dress boots have a higher cut on the outside of the rider’s leg which extends over the outside of the knee. This cut is usually called a Spanish Cut.

Hunt Boot

The hunt boot shares similarities with the dress boot. But the hunting boot has a defining feature of contrasting cuff at the top of the boot. Hunt boots are usually made of black leather with a tan cuff or brown leather at the top of the boot. These were then worn by male hunt riders. Muck Rubber Men’s Hunting Boot is the only way to go if you live in the swamp. They will take a beating and do wonders for you.

Short Riding Boots

Short riding boots are usually favored by parents of young riders and beginners. One fact, some riders cannot withstand long boots. This is where a short jodhpurs boot and gaiter come to the rescue. A paddock boot is also a best option.

Jodhpurs Boots

Jodhpur boots are short leather riding boots that come up above the ankle. It offers support and flexibility for the rider. These boots feature a smooth sole, pointed toe and a low heel. Jodhpur boots vary a lot in their technology as well as the material that they are usually crafted from. The soles are then made of rubber or composite material. It ensures that it won’t rot from wet weather conditions or damaged by urine when mucking out.

How to Clean Your Horse Riding Boots

Investing in a pair of riding boots can be expensive. This is why it should be always maintained and cared for on a regular basis. Leather riding boots need the most care. It needs to be always cleaned and conditioned using suitable leather products. On the other side, synthetic riding boots can be then cleaned with water and mild detergent. To maintain the shape of your riding boots it should be always kept upright and out of direct sunlight. For prolonged storage, clean your boots, and insert boot shapers to keep the shape of the boots. Next, place it in a dust bag and box for ultimate protection.


Can You Wear Rain Boots Horseback Riding?

No. Rain boots come in lots of different types and shapes. It usually doesn’t have 1-inch heels and grippy sole. They also fit very loosely around the leg, which means no ankle support or grip to the saddle. The extra rubber flapping around your leg will cause disturbance and discomfort. Being around the stables, a lot of wear and tear on your footwear is to be then expected. Most rain boots will not offer this kind of durability to last under these circumstances.

Can You Wear Cowboy Boots Horseback Riding?

Yes. These boots are usually made from durable leather. They have a protected toe as well as a generous heel height. Cowboy boots were then made to make it easy for cowboys to transition from the saddle to the ground and back again. This category of footwear was actually made with horse riders in mind.

Can You Wear Hiking Boots Horseback Riding?

It depends, but, only a few people recommend this. Hiking boots are usually quite wide and may not be narrow enough to fit into a stirrup. It also has laces that could get tangled in the stirrup during the ride.

Can You Wear Sneakers Horseback Riding?


Can You Wear Sandals Horseback Riding?

Absolutely no! Sandals do not fulfill any criteria for horse riding footwear. It has no business being around horses.

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