8 Best Pain Reliever Products for Horses

Pain in horses will prove a wide range of signs and changes on their behavior. This is depending on the location and severity of the pain. These things often causes major problem if left untreated immediately. Horses are prey animals, so they tend to try to hide their illness or pain, especially around people they don’t know. Some horses are very stoic, so you have to be careful and aware of the subtle signs that the horse is hurting.

How to tell if the Horse is in Pain?

The horse by its body language may show discomfort, fear, irritation, and contentment. Some aspects of such emotional states are difficult to suppress for most stoic horse. Signs of acute pain in horses—colic, obvious lameness—are familiar to most horse owners. But, your horse may be in mild discomfort, or even moderate pain, and show only subtle signs. These are some of it:

  • If a horse becomes hard to catch all a sudden and fidgets while he’s grooming, there might be a problem. When it begins to buck or bolt when ridden, or fiddles with his bit, that shows complications too. He may be showing that he’s anticipating or remembering that riding will cause pain.
  • Reluctance to go up or down hills or to move on the flat may be signs of discomfort in the back or hindquarters.
  • A horse that is less eager to eat all a sudden may have gastric ulcers or problems with teeth.
  • Horses that stand with one forefoot “pointed†or with their weight rocked back off are signals. That might be because their feet are sore.
  • Horses that stand with all four feet bunched up under them may have hock, stifle, or back pain.
  • Patchy sweating is often a sign of pain, particularly when the horse is not on the move.

Lameness or taking the weight off one foot while standing can be one of the signs your horse is in pain. It is easy to notice a horse in pain as they show visual symptoms. Such as sweating, snorting or whinnying, tail swishing, and general restlessness. Your horse might be experiencing abdominal pains if it often looks at the flank and pawning. Some are lying down, rolling, or grunting. Further, loss of appetite or showing in an unusual manner may depict mouth ulcers or dental pain.

8 Best Pain Reliever for the Horses

Knowing the cause of pain is important as an owner. This is so your horses can be then treated immediately. Horses are prey animals. They tend to hide their weaknesses and discomfort to predators. Thus, it is really important to have a connection with your horse and know their well being. We have listed eight Pain Reliever products for horses that are on top of the market now.

Absorbine Veterinary Liniment (Analgesic Sore Muscle and Arthritis Pain Relief, 12 Ounce Gel)

This is an Amazon’s Choice for pain reliever. The warm, soothing feeling of Absorbine Veterinary Liniment treats temporary muscular soreness. Overexertion, minor injuries, or arthritis pain are the causes of muscular soreness. Further, this liniment gel can also have other uses aside from relieving soreness. To prevent lose stiff joints, muscles, and tendons, use this before putting your animal to work. It can ease pain from minor injuries for hours, thus sending relief immediately. It is a blend of Calendula, Echinacea, and wormwood herbs thus making this organic and safe for human use. It is easy to apply with the rolled ball applicator. You do not have to use your hands. It instantly begins to get hot and it is much hotter that the other two gels.

Product Features:

  • This has a spearmint-scented pain relief gel. This includes natural menthol and extracts of herbs.
  • It can also be a powerful muscle and arthritis pain relief rub.
  • It can be a convenient liniment gel form for easy application.
  • It consists with menthol that helps loosens stiff joints and reduces swelling.


Some doctors recommend this liniment for human arthritis and other muscle pain. Because it stops the pain in an instant and can last for several hours, at least. Above all, it’s not sticky, and it smells like spearmint.

Arenus Sore No More Liniment Bottle

The Horse Journal named this as the “Product of the Year” for 2 consecutive years. The organization recognized  this product as the best herbal horse liniment. Especially for pain and inflammation relief. SORE NO-MORE is an excellent herbal horse liniment based on arnica and witch hazel. It doesn’t have additives or harsh abrasives. Some people use this as a massage liniment before and after exercise, or as a leg or bath brace. This product is perfect for horses with sensitive skin. If a horse had swollen leg, you can use this with or without bandages. It has a cooling effect for horses and also safe to use under magnets.

Product Features:

  • Non-irritating for those animals with sensitive skin. It does not cause blister or burn.
  • Used under bandages, magnets or ceramic therapy.
  • Helps loosen muscles and regulate blood flow if used before or after exercise
  • Great in bringing an animal back from an injury.


The product has cooling effect, giving the horse a soothing relief.

Manna Pro Corona Topical Analgesic Veterinary Liniment (16 Ounces)

This liniment can soothe soreness, stiffness, and inflammation of achy muscles and joints. The lotion stays in place after application. Thus, it makes it easy to massage into the horse’s muscles and legs. Mana Pro Liniment gives icy yet warm soothing effect at the same time.

Product Features:

  • It has a unique combination of Menthol and Eucalyptus. These ingredients help stimulate circulation.
  • Contains botanical oils to help soothe and renew


This product is outstanding as it is sweat proof and last for hours. Other animals can make use of it too.

Miracle Coat Original Equi Block Topical Pain Reliever for Horses (8-Ounce)

This gel has Capsaicin. It is an ingredient that helps relieves the pain from injury through recovery. Most especially for horses that are suffering in unsettling foot pain. They suffer debilitating pain from arthritic conditions. Original Equi-Block has a spicy effect that treats bruises. The horse can feel this sensation after application on the swollen leg. This product is great for bruises and stops inflammation almost immediately. It can be then used on any pain except on open wounds.

Product Features:

  • This product is safe and effective topical solution for managing pain.
  • It is available in Original Gel. It can be then used on Daily Treatment formula, and LT Formula-Leg Tightener & Liniment.
  • It then contains an active ingredient – Capsaicin.


This immediately stops inflammation and a sweat proof gel.

Mane ‘n Tail Mineral Ice Therapeutic Pain Reliever for Horses (16 Ounces)

Mineral Ice Therapeutic Pain Reliever for Horses 16 Ounce

This is the original grease-less cooling gel.  Mane ‘n Tail Mineral Ice offers fast temporary relief of minor muscles and joints pains. Arthritis, injuries, strain, strands and bruises are often associated with these pains. Horses can feel the result after applying it on their skin.

Product Features:

  • A body wash that acts as coolant when diluted with water
  • Used for a therapeutic cool down


The cooling effect lasts for a couple of hours at best and transitions from icy to hot. Also, many people are using this and said that it works wonder on them.

Manna Pro Horseman’s Dream Veterinary First Aid Cream with Aloe Vera, 16 Ounces

The Dream Veterinary Cream from Horseman is an important first aid cream. It specializes for different skin conditions including minor cuts, scrapes, burns and sunburns. The Aloe-based cream absorbs into the skin, helping your horse for rapid relief. This cream contains moisturizing ingredients.  Wheat Germ Oil, Allantoin and Lanolin are present for excellent skin care.

Product Features:

  • Aloe Vera and Wheat Germ Oil help soothe skin
  • The soothing cream softens the wounded flesh to help reduce sore or itchy crusts
  • Includes antioxidant vitamins A, C, & E to promote healing
  • Unlike many other remedies for wounds, you can apply this without gloves


It provides rapid relief from minor wounds, scrapes, burns, and sunburns. It is also very effective on sunburns.

Innovet Pet Product Equine PCR Hemp Pellets for Horses

This pain reliever is usually esigned to replace a concoction of treatment aids and supplements.  This is for stress-free care and faster therapy.  PCR Hemp Pellets is perfect for calming horses when they are under stress. These pellets help reduce pain from the inflammation in their joints. This product also contains hemp seed extra help with inflammation and pain. Most people find hemp pellets are easier to give than hemp paste.

Equine PCR Pellets help your horse stay focused and calm. This is so while supporting their joints, limbs, and mobility. It is a perfect horse calming supplement. Providing the horse the boost that it needs is its number one feature.  This boost helps reduce inflammation and pain.

Product Features:

  • Lab-tested plant with a rich nutritional profil
  • PCR Hemp Extract with 20% protein, 50% fiber, 30% carbohydrates, and 0.3% PCR hemp extract
  • Full range of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and other essential oils
  • Dosage-appropriate to any other animals that prefer hemp in pellets than in oil


It has a comprehensive health effect for horses. The pellets are safe for other farm animals too.

Vita Flex Therma Flex Liniment for Sore Muscles and Joint Relief in Horses

This is best for temporary relief for muscular soreness, stiffness or swelling in horses. Exposure, overwork or exertions are the usual causes of these problems. Vita Flex Thermaflex Liniment provides quick cooling effects, deep warming and increased circulation. This gel also stimulates circulation for long-lasting heat sensation.

Product Features:

  • Gives temporary relief for muscular soreness, stiffness or swelling in horses
  • Stimulates circulation for long-lasting heat sensation
  • Helps reduce pain and swelling
  • Contains MSM and is 100% acetone-free which is not for human use


It can make the pain bearable after a few minutes. This can help your horse push through if necessary. Also has a cool & hot effect after application.

What to look for when buying pain reliever products for horses?

Pain relief is often administered to horses. It is either as short-term treatment for acute injury. Or a longer-term management of chronic diseases like osteoarthritis.

We’ve listed the natural pain remedies you can administer at home.  This is to help you decide what pain relief option is best for your horses’ condition. Remember to always use discretion when distributing pain relief medication. Consult with a licensed equine health professional before you start new treatments.

White willow bark

The anti-inflammatory properties of white willow bark are useful for chronic illnesses. Such as rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica dating back to the Middle Ages. This herb helps lower your horses stress and promote sustainable recovery.  It also has very limited effect on a horse’s gastro-intestinal tract. This is a common negative side-effect of pain remedies like Aspirin.

Glucosamine and chondroitin

Proven ingredients that reduce joint inflammation and support positive cartilage production in horses. Healthy cartilage is a major factor for joint health. That is why bute recipes and joint nutraceuticals have them.

Another often used products in the management of equine pain are the NSAIDs.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are present in many supplements for horses. Its approval is withheld with action mechanisms that varies from product to product. These mechanisms depend on different properties. Such as analgesic and anti-inflammatory efficacy, formulation, palatability and dosing frequency. Treatment choice thus requires vets to be aware of these differences. They need to assess case requirements on an individual basis.

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